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[News] Overview of Tor-ranked GNU/Linux Distributions, Austrumi Linux Reviewed

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Top ten Linux distributions

,----[ Quote ]
| One metric is to refer to the popular Linux-tracking website Distrowatch 
| which logs interest in the various distributions. There are certain 
| limitations to using Distrowatch to pinpoint the best Linux distribution 
| because it only tracks user interest in each distribution which can be 
| affected by ongoing news, frequency of releases and many other intangibles. 
| But as a list of the ten most popular distributions it is a useful guide.     


Austrumi Linux 1.9.3

,----[ Quote ]
| As you might imagine, Austrumi Linux is not geared toward competing with 
| Ubuntu, Fedora or any of the larger desktop distributions. Rather itâs all 
| about portability and the ability to maximize utility while minimizing the 
| actual size of the distribution.   


Gentoo and Arch Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The documentation is extremely good, is updated often and covers everything 
| from basic installation and configuration to getting X up and running and 
| installing and configuring most the popular DE/WM.  
| The Arch Linux repos have recently received the new KDE 4.3 packages which 
| allows includes many, many great features, however the one the more  
| interesting ones is that now you can download specific packages from KDE 
| without needing the entire desktop environment, again giving you more level 
| of control over things. I will definitely give KDE a try when I get back home 
| (I am a GNOME user at the moment) especially since the have upgrade kwin, the 
| X Windows manager in KDE, to include Compiz-like effects.     



Review: Austrumi Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Austrumi is good at what it does, which is provide you with a reasonably
| full featured Linux Distribution that will fit on a 50Mb business card
| and run on an old machine. I recommend it. The small size makes the
| download painless.

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