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[News] Red Hat Gains from Bad Economy, Red Hat Derivative Gets OK from MSIE

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Red Hat takes on the recession

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source revolution may have yet to happen, but with company budgets 
| on the line, change is in the air. 
| [...]
| Thus far, Red Hat has been focusing that help on the infrastructure side of 
| corporate IT, so the kind of behind-the-scenes software on top of which 
| applications run. It has branched out from its core Linux OS into all kinds 
| of infrastructure software that enable things like clustering and


The âeâ of the Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| For me as the operator and head of the StartCom Certification Authority, 
| every computer application making use of SSL and cryptography is of 
| importance, specially those of the various platforms from the house of 
| Microsoft. Thatâs one of the reasons why Iâm today extremely pleased to 
| announce the upcoming default support of the StartCom Authority by Microsoft. 
| Starting approximately the 22nd of September, Microsoft intends to distribute 
| a non-security update package to the Windows operating systems which includes 
| the trusted StartCom root certificate and the automatic root certificate 
| update service will update the cryptographic certificates root store on those 
| systems whenever a StartCom issued certificate is encountered.         
| This not only means that Internet Explorer will finally support web sites 
| secured with StartCom issued certificates by default, the implications for 
| SSL security and the Internet at large are potentially reaching further than 
| that:   
|     StartCom is the only public certification authority providing digital 
|     certificates for free! 



The Geek Factor

,----[ Quote ]
| Four years ago - StartComâs main focus was still the StartCom Linux
| distribution and hosting business of MediaHostâ - we setup a new web site and
| created a very simple wizard for obtaining a digital certificate and
| announced to the world that we intend to end this multi-million dollar
| business of implied security. There was certainly some naivety and a lot of
| innocence with our proclaimed goal - until our servers were overran by almost
| two million page views during the initial days after our announcement which
| hit the Internet news sites. We went likeâ.WOW!



StartCom Enterprise Linux (AS-4.0.4) - Update Release

,----[ Quote ]
| Ahead of a busy spring season and in anticipation of new StartCom
| Enterprise Linux AS-5 and StartCom MultiMedia Edition ML-6, comes an
| update release of the Advanced Server 4 series. The fifth release of
| this enterprise class operating system is the natural combined
| continuation of the previously released AS-4 distribution, whichw
| ith this update includes security related updates and minor
| adjustments.


StartCom Enterprise Linux Advanced Server-4.0.3 Update Release

,----[ Quote ]
| With the fourth release of the Advanced Server 4 series, StartCom
| confirms its commitment for the continued and free distribution of
| the StartCom Linux operating systems and the updating and maintaining
| of their software packages - which results in a range of secure,
| stable server and multi-media platforms.


StartCom Enterprise Linux (AS-5.0.2) - Update Release

,----[ Quote ]
| StartCom is pleased to announce the availability of StartCom Enterprise Linux
| AS-5.0.2. StartCom Linux is using the latest in open source technology and
| with its known stability, reliability and security allows for
| mission-critical server deployments. This update release provides various
| enhancements for Virtualization, Encryption, Cluster Storage, but also and
| Desktop improvements and Networking/IPv6 enablement.


StartCom Delivers Free Enterprise Server

,----[ Quote ]
| The StartCom website has an active forum with sections dedicated to specific
| issues such as the StartCom Linux installation forum. Most of the questions
| posted to the site are answered the same day. The site also has an FAQ and
| provides a search capability for the forum messages. StartCom offers customer
| specific solutions as a paid service if you need more than the free support.

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