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[News] GNU/Linux Explores New Form Factors, Android Tablets Are Coming

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The shape of things to come

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems that every vendor is getting on the netbook bandwagon-and if theyâre 
| not, theyâre trying to get their own bandwagon rolling with a raft of similar 
| form factor devices. Consumers love netbooks as a cheap, internet-enabled PC 
| substitute and carriers seem happy to subsidise them in order to drive mobile 
| broadband subscriptions.    
| [...]
| Linux will be the glue that holds the joint effort together
| Both companies have their own in-house Linux projects-Intel with Moblin and 
| Nokia with Maemo-and will align their respective strategies around a number 
| of key open source technologies such as oFono, ConnMan, Mozilla, X.Org, 
| BlueZ, D-BUS, Tracker, GStreamer, and PulseAudio.  Incidentally, Intel 
| recently acquired mobile and embedded devices software firm Wind River for 
| $884m and said it would licence Nokiaâs HSPA 3G modem technologies to 
| complement its own mobility platforms.      


Android Tablet Due Sept. 15

,----[ Quote ]
| Googleâs Linux-based Android mobile operating system has been fingered for 
| powering mobile devices beyond the smartphone for some time now. On Sept. 15, 
| Archos Technology will unveil just such a device, a tablet computer.  
| At the Sept. 15 press conference, the company will showcase the touchscreen 
| device, it said this week. The tablet will have a 5-inch display, with 720p 
| video support, an HDMI output and native OpenGL libraries, all with a Texas 
| Instruments processor.    



Android-based PMP to ship in October

,----[ Quote ]
| GiiNii will ship its Android-based portable media player (PMP) and digital
| picture frame (DPF) in October and January, respectively, according to a
| spokesperson. The Movit Mini portable and larger Movit Maxx DPF include
| touchscreens, WiFi, a webcam, and optional Bluetooth, says the company.


ARCHOS Adds Android Telephony to Mobile Internet Device

,----[ Quote ]
| archos-7This announcement out of ARCHOS is right up the alley of what I said
| a week or two ago. The line between MIDs and smartphones will blur as folks
| donât want to carry both a phone and Internet browsing device. Thatâs
| precisely where ARCHOS is heading with their newest IMT, or Internet Media
| Tablet.



N810 Android, anyone?

,----[ Quote ]
| A website has published instructions on how to install Google's Android Java 
| stack on real hardware with ARM926 and later cores, running Linux 2.6.23 and 
| later kernels. Â 


Android on OMAP

,----[ Quote ]
| This page collects information about and guides you through the installation 
| of Google's Android on TI's ARM based OMAP SoCs. 
| [...]
| Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating 
| system, middleware and key applications. See Google's What is Android? page 
| and Benno's What is Android? and What Android isn't page for more details 
| about Android. Â 

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