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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Urges for Software to Get More Expensive

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Microsoft Doesn't Want Its App Marketplace To Be A Dollar Store

,----[  Quote ]
| During a developer camp hosted by Microsoft yesterday at its Redmond 
| headquarters, a mobile exec instructed developers to not be shy when it comes 
| to pricing your applications, reports TechFlash.  


Microsoft to increase 360 Arcade price in UK, retailers confirm

,----[  Quote ]
| Retailers have told Eurogamer that Microsoft will increase the price of the 
| Arcade Xbox 360 bundle to GBP 159.99 (from GBP 129.99) starting September 1. 
| The five XBLA games will no longer be included in the bundle, either.  


Pachter: PS3 Price Drop May Force Microsoft To Act

,----[  Quote ]
| We think it might be the latter; video game consumers are a savvy group, as 
| history has proven, and when a logical, rational-minded individual sets out 
| to buy a new game console and sits down to compare the PS3 and 360, the 
| combination of the new price, Blu-Ray, better exclusives, better reliability 
| ratings, and free Network ought to steer them towards Sony's machine.    



Report: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Over 50 Percent

,----[ Quote ]
| In a survey of the print edition of Game Informer, nearly 5,000 readers were
| surveyed about the consoles. Here's how console failure broke down:
| Â Xbox 360 has a 54.2 percent failure rate
| Â PS3 has a 10.6 percent failure rate
| Â Wii has a 6.8 percent failure rate


Xbox 360 Failure Rate is 54.2 Percent, Game Informer Finds

,----[ Quote ]
| The Xbox 360 breaks five times as often as its closest failure-prone
| competitor, the PlayStation 3, a print edition-only Game Informer survey
| found.
| The poorly manufactured, red ring of death-prone console has a 54.2 percent
| failure rate, compared to 10.6 percent for the PS3 and the Wii's 6.8 percent.


Microsoft hit with new Xbox 360 suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Illinois man taking hardware maker to court, asks for sale of consoles to be
| halted, damages for self and fellow consumers.
| Microsoft is back in court defending its oft-maligned Xbox 360 hardware. An
| Oak Forest, Illinois, man filed suit against Microsoft in the Northern
| District of Illinois - Eastern Division earlier this month, saying the
| console maker has been unjustly enriching itself by selling Xbox 360 systems
| that it knows contain a material design defect.


Xbox Live goes offline today 'for up to 24 hours'


Xbox Live Marketplace in Coma, Needs Wake-Up Call

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday, we reported on the maintenance of Xbox Live, which brought down
| the service for a full 24 hours. Xbox Live came back online just a few
| moments before midnight PST. Playing online is functioning just fine, as are
| most of the features of the service. The marketplace, however, is in rough
| shape.


Typical: Xbox Live downtime leads to Xbox Live problems

,----[ Quot ]
| After spending all of Tuesday offline, Xbox Live is back with a bang ... or
| is that a whimper? Reports are coming in from all over the Internet of Live
| Marketplace not working properly and games disappearing off the face of the
| Earth. Oh Microsoft, will you ever win?


Xbox Live returns after being off all day yesterday, but now some things are

,----[ Quote ]
| After Microsoft shut down Xbox Live for over twenty-four hours yesterday,
| their online gaming service for the Xbox 360 is back online, but it's not
| working correctly for many users.


Xbox Live having issues after maintenance

,----[ Quote ]
| After yesterday's 24 hour maintenance session for Xbox Live, the service is
| operational again but appears to have some problems. ÂCertain games from the
| marketplace have a purchase option, but not an option to download


Xbox Live still a little funky after those there updates

,----[ Quote ]
| Hey there, amigo. Have you logged onto Xbox Live today? Donât! Well, not
| unless youâre looking forward to dealing with a few post-maintenance
| glitches.


Xbox Live's Return Brings Xbox Live Issues

,----[ Quote ]
| At least we know they are aware of the problem. I'm just hoping they fix
| things soon, as I am starting to feel the shakes of pre-emptive Magic
| withdrawal.


Xbox Live Still Down- Microsoft May Have Surprises

,----[ Quote ]
| Some issues are pending and needs to be wind up before they close the
| scheduled maintenance so you are asked to hold on to the panicking mails
| which are being send across.


Xbox Live STILL Down On June 16th: Microsoft Says It Could Take 24 Hours

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Yahoo News, "there will not be Zune Social, Zune Marketplace or
| Zune.net forums in that time either..."


Zune service and Xbox Live offline Tuesday


Microsoft kills 'coffin' policy, time to pack your RRoD Xbox yourself


Rumor: Microsoft Can Kill Xbox 360s Remotely

,----[ Quote ]
| A bit of qualification: I follow 8BitJoystickâs Jake Metcalf on Twitter and
| he seems like a responsible writer. More importantly, he has a track record
| of digging up credible inside sources. He famously broke the news that Halo
| developer Bungie was leaving Microsoft (it was actually amusing to see bigger
| outlets laugh at him, then eat their words), and has posted a couple other
| juicy reports as well.
| So when Metcalf says the source was âwell vetted,â I believe him, even if the
| sourceâs information leaves me skeptical simply because itâs so unbelievable.
| If the report is accurate, the obvious question remains: Does Microsoft have
| the legal right to do this? Yes, Metcalf argues, because hacking an Xbox 360
| is a violation of the consoleâs terms of service, as well as the Digital
| Millennium Copyright Act.


Microsoft's Xbox 360: No More RROD For Me, But For How Long We'll Have To

,----[ Quote ]
| Back on Wednesday the 15th, I told you that my first-generation Xbox 360 game
| console had experienced the Red Ring of Death the prior Friday evening. I
| also shipped it off on the 15th, and the UPS tracking website reported that
| it was delivered to Microsoft's Mesquite, TX service facility at 10:15AM on
| the 21st.


Are Xbox 360's E74 Failure's The New RRoD?

,----[ Quote ]
| According to polls conducted by Joystiq and Engagdet, E74 failures on Xbox
| 360's is on the rise. Joystiq asked readers to send in emails with reports of
| the failure, and recieved an overwhelming number of responses to their call.
| For those that aren't acquainted with the dreaded E74 failure, it's a problem
| that occurs when there is an AV cable error. On the surface anyway, because
| if the cable is still in working order (which it usually is) then it's a
| scaler chip problem, directly involving the ANA/HANA chip which is connected
| to the AV cable; or in some cases it's the GPU.


Increase In Xbox 360 E74 Problems


New Xbox 360 Hardware Failures Being Reported in Significant Numbers

,----[ Quote ]
| Xbox 360 failures are on the rise since the launch of the New Xbox Experience
| A known Xbox 360 hardware issue is beginning to surface in significant
| numbers recently based on research conducted by video game site Joystiq.
| Tentatively called the Xbox 360 E74 error, one of the lights on the âRing of
| Lightsâ on the front of your Xbox 360 console flashes red and you receive the
| error code and message: "E74. System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support".
| The symptoms involve the bottom right portion of the indicator ring
| repeatedly flashing on and off and lines or snow will become visible across
| the screen.


Microsoft Wants You to Pay for E74 Repairs on Xbox 360s over a year old

,----[ Quote ]
| I had a misunderstanding in my pervious article on the Xbox 360 E74 error. It
| ends up that Microsoft is saying that it will repair an E74 error stricken
| Xbox 360 for free only in the first year since purchase since it is still
| covered under the basic one year warranty so the E74 is ONLY covered by the
| normal warranty. After that you have to pay to get it fixed. They will pay
| for shipping but E74 error victims will have to pay to get it fixed if their
| Xbox 360 is over a year old.
| [...]
| I am sure that the Xbox Red Ring of Death debacle has devalued the perception
| of Microsoft as a brand outside of videogames. The RROD and E74 runs the risk
| of turning an entire generation of future consumers away from seeing
| Microsoft favorably.
| I am not even going to mention how much the Jerry Seinfeld Windows Vista ads
| sucked.


Xbox Live Cancels Year-Long Prepaid Account, Demands Another Year's
Subscription To Reactivate

,----[ Quote ]
| Xbox Live has struck again, this time by screwing up the auto-renewal on a
| customer's account and ruining the prepaid annual membership he activated
| just three months ago.

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