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[News] KDE Expands to the Web, Gets Support from ReactOS

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KDE's Expanded Desktop vs. Online Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, in the current release of KDE, you can use the new geolocation 
| support to connect to locate other KDE users nearby so that you can socialize 
| or exchange information. If you want information about the music album you 
| are playing in Amarok, you can access Wikipedia without troubling to open up 
| your browser. If you want to download your photos from Facebook, you can do 
| so from within digiKam. Although these are far from the first applications to 
| access the web directly, the extent to which the latest releases of KDE 
| applications are doing so amounts to an integration of the desktop and online 
| resources that provides a clear alternative to the idea of online 
| applications.          


Another Platform for KDE

,----[ Quote ]
| While the KDE community busied itself with preparations for the 4.3 release, 
| KDE 4 continued to spread to new platforms with ReactOS user Davy Bartoloni 
| reporting (machine translation of original Italian) some success in running 
| KDE applications on that operating system.   
| [...]
| ReactOS is still in alpha stage and not recommended for everyday use. 
| Attempting to use the latest KDE Windows installer on ReactOS resulted in a 
| blue screen of death and so this demonstration of running KDE applications 
| required compiling them on Windows and then transferring the binaries to 
| ReactOS.    


Maybe the ReactOS people realised that mimicking a broken OS is now the way to

Konqueror Now Supports Opensearch Too



ReactOS 0.3.9 boasts insanely huge speedups

,----[ Quote ]
| Naturally we focus mostly on Linux here at TuxRadar HQ, but we keep tabs on
| the wider open source world too. For the last few years we've been intrigued
| by the progress of ReactOS, a free software Windows implementation that could
| one day give Microsoft the chills. Well, ReactOS 0.3.9 is now here, with
| major performance improvements, initial sound support and the latest WINE
| DLLs for improved compatibility. Summary after the break.


ReactOS 0.3.9 promises speed increase

,----[ Quote ]
| The 0.3.9 release includes a "much improved" networking stack and the kernel
| now supports sound via the new kernel streaming services. A new and faster
| Hyperspace Mapping Interface is included, improving the overall speed of the
| OS. The minimum memory requirement has been reduced to 32Mb.



Haiku and ReactOS "Pair Up" at LinuxWorld Expo 08

,----[ Quote ]
| In an interesting and exciting turn of events, Haiku was able to secure a
| space at LinuxWorld Expo 2008 by negotiating with LinuxWorld organizers (IDG)
| and ReactOS who will be sharing the exhibit space with Haiku this year.


ReactOS 0.3.4 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of ReactOS in the
| 0.3 series. This is a culmination of the last 3 months of development, and
| some significant progress has been made in various areas.


ReactOS 0.3.3 Released!

,----[ Quote ]
| Summing up most important changes for this release:
| Â Â * Kernel improvements bringing many areas closer to NT 5.2
| Â Â * Improved hardware support
| Â Â * Stability increase in many core modules, especially win32

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