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[News] List of Free Software Resources and Mozilla News

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10 Resources for Successfully Launching an Open Source Project

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're stitching together open source code or deploying applications, 
| Hewlett-Packard's free application Fossology is designed to analyze the 
| source code for any project and report accurately on which licenses are being 
| used.   


Creative Collective, Service Week, Extend Firefox, Labs, AMO, Firefox,
Thunderbird, and moreâ

,----[ Quote ]
| In this issueâ
|     * Mozilla Creative Collective launches
|     * Mozilla Service Week: Act now!
|     * Extend Firefox 3.5 contest
|     * New Mozilla Labs website
|     * BBC experimenting with open video
|     * Web accessibility and CSS3 transforms
|     * Jetpack developer contest
|     * Fennec 1 beta 3 for Maemo
|     * AMO upcoming projects
|     * Multitouch in Firefox



Mozilla asks developers to take Bespin for a spin

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has spun out Bespin for developers to run naked and free in an
| extensible web-based code editing paradise that promotes open relationships
| standards.
| The not-for-profit outfit said yesterday that the project, which has been
| under development for several months, would act as a collaborative working
| space for coders who use HTML5 features to fiddle with.


What Mozilla's Bespin Bespeaks

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most interesting developments in the open source world is the way
| that Mozilla has changed in recent years. What started out as a (slightly
| shambolic) attempt to hack a decent browser out of the wreckage of the
| Netscape Communicator code, has turned into arguably one of the two or three
| most important forces in free software today (you can draw up your own list).
| [...]
| You can see that Bespin is ticking all the Mozilla boxes, but what's also
| striking is that this is a Web-based project: Mozilla is entering the cloud.

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