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[News] Loads of Free Software Events Surface

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2009 Phoenix Call for Presentations

,----[ Quote ]
| The Arizona Business and Liberty Experience Conference (ABLEconf) is 
| soliciting presentations for its second annual conference. ABLEconf will take 
| place on Saturday, October 24th, 2009 at the University of Advancing 
| Technology in Tempe, Arizona.   



,----[ Quote ]
| Open World Forum, the leading global forum for free, libre and open source 
| software (FLOSS) worldwide, announces a competition open to entrepreneurs 
| looking for increased visibility in the investor community and the open 
| source ecosystem.   


Zabbix is going to Open Source Monitoring Conference 2009 (Germany)

,----[ Quote ]
| This year on October 28 and 29 an Open Source monitoring conference organized 
| by the company NetWays takes place in NÃrnberg, Germany. Rihards Olups, 
| System analyst of Zabbix SIA, will deliver a speech about Zabbix Open Source 
| Distributed Monitoring Solution titled "Introducing Zabbix".   


Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 in Brussels Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve been holding onto this announcement for too long. Its already out on 
| some Linux-friendly calendars, but I want to make sure all the masses know 
| about it! Iâm super excited for Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 in Brussels for a 
| renewed focus on content, content, content! This year, I plan to work more on 
| the creative collaborative projects which will be a key part of the 
| conference â think Blender Open Movie project, but between all the creative 
| free and open source graphics application communities. While that surely 
| wonât be executed on the scale of my Blender friendsâ project, it will be a 
| good start!        



,----[ Quote ]
| Are you a Free, Libre and Open Source entrepreneur? Present your projects 
| during a series of 7-minute slots to Venture Capitalists and major systems 
| integrators. Get a chance to be nominated and compete for the "Open 
| Innovation Awards" that will be awarded by an international jury of experts 
| to the most promising businesses innovating in the Open Source sector, and 
| presented during the Open World Forum closing keynote address. Benefit from 
| maximum visibility and media coverage.      



Don't let the Swine Win!: Enecomp 2009, Curitiba, Brazil - September 4-8, 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Therefore it distresses me that the current hysteria around H1N1, also known
| as "Swine Flu" is jeopardizing the hard work done by students in Curitiba,
| Brazil for a conference that otherwise would be considered "world class".


Impressions from OpenSourceWorld 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| No open source conference is complete without the healthy participation of
| dot org projects. But here at OSW they were invisible! Well almost. After
| asking around at the FreeBSD booth which was surprisingly located on the main
| show floor, I found the projects tucked away in a separate room at the back
| of the showcase hall. This (mis)placement was unfortunate and doesnât
| represent the open source world which thrives on technology from all sectors,
| commercial and non-commercial alike. Hopefully, IDG will consider having all
| exhibitors in the same area next year.


OpenSourceWorld Report

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week I took the 20-minute BART ride from the East Bay over to Moscone
| West in San Francisco to visit what was once known as LinuxWorld and is now
| OpenSourceWorld, Next Generation Data Center, and CloudWorld all rolled into
| one event. Like many others, having been to previous LinuxWorlds, I was
| curious to see how this re-branding and grouping of events would pan out.
| LinuxWorld had been getting quite the panning (no pun intended) over the last
| five years or so, so could the new event cut the mustard and reel back in its
| once committed group of sightseers?

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