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[News] Free Software in Web Conferencing and VoIP Makes an Impact

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Dim Dim: Web conferencing turns open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Available as an open source software, Dim Dim is flexible. It can be extended 
| and improved freely. Users can change the logo or the user interface if they 
| wish to. Although there are a lot of players in this space, very few provide 
| free and easy to use web conferencing services. Initially the company was 
| called Communiva. The journey from Communiva to Dim Dim was a fraction of a 
| day. Since Communiva was not such an easy to recall name, the founders chose 
| 18,000 domain names and promised themselves that they would not leave the 
| meeting without finalizing on one. To make the task easier, they set five 
| rules, which were: the dotcom domain name must be available, it should be an 
| easy to remember and an international name and the sound and spelling of the 
| name must translate without ambiguity to its spelling and pronunciation, 
| respectively. Dim Dim was the only name that met these rules.           


Halfway Through A Bad Year

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source gets on the board: Allan concurs with John Malone of Eastern 
| Management Group that open source PBXs, including but not limited to 
| Digium/Asterisk, are becoming a significant element in the market.   



Music to Asterisk's Ears

,----[ Quote ]
| Opsound is a good demonstration of how the ideas behind free software are
| being applied in other fields, with the result that open source projects like
| Asterisk can then benefit in its turn â sharing as symbiosis.


Say Hello to 5 VoIP Solutions for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Ekiga - Here's an open source VoIP and video conferencing app designed
| especially for the GNOME desktop. It can handle multiple network interfaces
| at once, and includes an advanced contact book, configurable sound events,
| call hold, transfer, and forwarding, and a host of other features. Ekiga also
| integrates well with Asterisk and Novell Evolution.


Barracuda Branching Into Open Source VoIP

,----[ Quote ]
| Barracuda quietly unveiled CudaTel this week, with a Web site offering a
| glimpse into the company, which promises cheap and easy open source VoIP.
| CudaTel is a collaboration between Barracuda and FreeSwitch, an open source
| telephony platform.

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