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[News] Mozilla on Free Software, Snowl, Awesomebar

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Murphy's Law: Mozilla Crowdsources Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| TestSwarm was developed by one of the Mozilla Foundation's JavaScript Tool 
| Developers, John Resig, to deal with the scalability issues that factor into 
| JavaScript code testing. To Resig, the proper testing platform includes at 
| least five different browsers split into 12 total versions per operating 
| system. Although he doesn't go into this length in his example, you should 
| triple that number to factor in the Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 
| operating environments.      


Five Features We Want to See in Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| We know the folks at Mozilla are already working on this one, but when Google 
| introduced Chrome and showed us how it isolated each tab as a separate 
| process so that a bum tab wouldn't crash the entire browser, and how you can 
| see how much memory each tab is using, they left Firefox (and every other 
| browser) in the dust on this oneâmeaning we probably won't see content 
| processes in Firefox for at least a year. Bummer.     


Getting to Know Snowl: Following Online Discussions

,----[ Quote ]
| What does the next-generation feed-reader look like? Probably a lot like 
| Snowl, a project out of Mozilla Labs that bills itself as a tool to follow 
| and participate in online discussions. We take a look at early release of 
| Snowl to see how itâs coming along. Itâs not perfect yet, but the long term 
| future for Snowl looks good.    


fear of the awesomebar overblown

,----[ Quote ]
| As of this week, 94% of Firefox active daily users are on Firefox 3 and 
| Firefox 3.5. 
| (I don't have absolute user numbers for other browsers, but usage is a 
| reasonable proxy here and if you look at Safari, they still have about 16% of 
| their usage coming from two versions or more behind the current release. If 
| you look at the other browser with a significant number of users, IE, a 
| whopping 37% of that share is two versions or more behind.)    



ThunderBrowse Transforms Thunderbird into a Web Browser with Tabbed Browsing

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux/Windows: Whilst Mozilla is working hard to bring tabbed emails on an
| improved Thunderbird 3, amongst many other new features â tabbed emails are
| already present in pre-releases of Thunderbird 3, ThunderBrowse will add a
| new feature to Thunderbird 2 you didnât miss, until now, when you read this.

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