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[News] Push to Free Computers and Protect Privacy

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Unchain the Office Computers!

,----[ Quote ]
| During a town hall meeting for State Department workers last month, an 
| employee named Jim Finkle asked Hillary Clinton a very important 
| question: "Can you please let the staff use an alternative Web browser called 
| Firefox?" The room erupted in cheers. Finkle explained that he'd previously 
| worked at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, where everyone enjoyed 
| Firefox. "So I don't understand why State can't use it," he said. "It's a 
| much safer program."      


Canucks crack whip on Facebook privacy

,----[ Quote ]
| Facebook has vowed to overhaul how personal information is shared with 
| third-party applications after Canada's privacy Czar scolded the social 
| website for its promiscuous policies.  



âSnatching Digital Rightsâ or Protecting Our Culture? Burning Man and the EFF

,----[ Quote ]
| Burning Man deeply respects the efforts of the EFF, and frankly, would
| ourselves like to embrace their opinion - but we donât think the issue is as
| simple as Corynne McSherry would have you believe. Just like the EFF, we
| honestly seek to think outside old paradigms and boxes of âcreative propertyâ
| in the digital age, but we view Black Rock City through a more complicated
| lens, and our view of issues facing creative ownership is not rendered in
| extremes of black and white. To us, the rights of the individual participant
| to privacy while in Black Rock City in this unique environment for free
| expression â and our philosophical desire to maintain it out of reach of
| those who would exploit that expression just to sell cars or soft drinks â
| happens to come first.
| In fact, there are but two essential reasons we maintain these increased
| controls on behalf of our community: to protect our participants so that
| images that violate their privacy are not displayed, and to prevent companies
| from using Burning Man to sell products.


Snatching Rights On the Playa

,----[ Quote ]
| The BMOâs motives here may be more laudable than those of the paranoid
| doctors. But the collateral damage to our free speech is unacceptable. Using
| take-it-or-leave-it fine print to assert veto rights over online expression
| is no way to promote a âsociety that connects each individual to his or her
| creative powers.â Burning Man strives to celebrate our individuality,
| creativity and free spirit. Unfortunately, the fine print on the tickets
| doesnât live up to that aspiration.

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