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[News] Microsoft's Crime Against i4i Gives Reason to Use ODF

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Another Reason To Use ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| Fast forward to today, and we learn that a company called i4i has won a 
| lawsuit against Microsoft because Microsoft's use of XML -- including 
| OOXML -- infringes an i4i patent. Microsoft has to pay i4i $290 million, and 
| stop selling Word 2003 and Word 2007. Presumably, any product supporting 
| OOXML will need to pay royalties to i4i.    
| Meanwhile, ODF does not violate the i4i patent. (i4i has "looked at 
| OpenOffice and found it doesn't infringe on its patents." OpenOffice uses 
| ODF.)  
| If you want your documents to be widely accessible, and remain accessible, 
| you should use Open Document Format. 


Using Lotus Symphony in my day job



Microsoft Hit with Another Two Patent Suits

,----[ Quote ]
| EMG Technology has charged Microsoft with violating Patent
| 7020845, "Navigating internet content on a television using a simplified
| interface and a remote control," and Patent 7441196, "Apparatus and method of
| manipulating a region on a wireless device screen for viewing, zooming and
| scrolling internet content." Both patents have been infringed upon by
| Microsoft Windows CE, PocketPC and Windows Mobile, the suit charges.


Microsoft files notice of appeal against i4i ruling; stipulates waiver of bond,
begs for stay

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has filed its notice of appeal in i4i v. Microsoft. And it and i4i
| have agreed on some terms. We find out from a Declaration of Albert Damon,
| attached to the stipulation, that Microsoft says it "has the financial
| wherewithal to satisfy the Judgment" and it will pay it within fifteen
| days "of all appeal and remand proceedings (including any proceedings before
| the Supreme Court of the United States), or within 15 (fifteen) days of the
| expiration of the times fr initiating such proceedings".


Microsoft's Emergency Motion for a Stay Repeats Arguments Already Rejected by
District Court

,----[ Quote ]
| In Microsoft's Emergency Motion for a Stay of Injunction [PDF], it argues
| that it would be irreparably harmed without a stay, that it's in the public
| interest to avoid disruption to its business and its partners' businesses,
| and that while they expect to win on appeal, they'd then be out all the
| expense of implementing the injunction. However, they already asked the judge
| in the District Court for a stay on those exact grounds and were denied.

http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20090819083920659search engine
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