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[News] SCO is Finished - Analysis

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What happens next in SCO vs. Novell

,----[ Quote ]
| With that being the case, and there being no chance whatsoever of SCO 
| successfully pursuing a Linux lawsuit, I strongly suspect that the Trustee 
| will drop all of SCO's lawsuits and spend his time on rendering down SCO's 
| remains into pennies on dollars. Rationally, there's nothing left to do, and 
| with a reasonable person now in charge of SCO's remains, that's what I expect 
| to happen.     



Any Questions About the SCO Bankruptcy Hearing? I Have a Transcript

,----[ Quote ]
| The bankruptcy judge partly bought it, as you know, although he blocked the
| sale to unXis, questioning their good faith, which is of course why IBM and
| anyone would care about a sale to them, but for us, who have followed the SCO
| litigation so closely for six years now and saw SCO's malice toward Linux
| with no evidence on the table the public has ever seen, it's a wonderful
| laugh. SCO's "potent claims", indeed. What IBM and Novell "have done to SCO".
| SCO sued them, actually. And Novell prevailed totally against SCO's
| allegations of slander of title, which was what SCO sued Novell over, a claim
| which SCO humiliatingly lost. SCO is not appealing that claim. Just read it
| for yourself. Page 2 of SCO's appeal brief lists the issues on appeal, and
| SCO's claim of slander of title is not on the list.


SCO vs. Linux: SCO gets Chapter 11 trustee

,----[ Quote ]
| A Chapter 11 trustee has been commissioned to take over the business affairs
| of the SCO Group, which is threatened by bankruptcy. The trustee will work to
| guide the company out of the impending bankruptcy according to Chapter 11 of
| US bankruptcy code, but can also send the company into liquidation according
| to Chapter 7 and auction individual company assets to the highest bidder.
| With this order, the Bankruptcy Court in Delaware has removed SCO's executive
| board.

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