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[News] Over|Review of New GNU/Linux Applications and Games

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Skype 2.1 Beta Brings New Features To Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| For anyone that extensively uses Skype on Linux, you will probably want to 
| head on over to the Linux Skype Developer page to fetch the latest beta. 
| Skype has just rolled out the first 2.1 beta ( Beta) of the Linux 
| Skype client, which adds several new features and also brings a number of 
| fixes and other improvements.     


Four More Cool Word Processors

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've seen one online word processor--or even a handful of them--you 
| haven't seen them all, not by a longshot. In addition to Google Docs, Zoho 
| Writer, and emerging competitors such as EtherPad, other online offerings you 
| might want to try include AjaxWrite, Writeboard, picoWrite and MonkeyTeX, to 
| name a few.    


Set up a Personal Microblog with Bilboblog

,----[ Quote ]
| There are many reasons why you would want to run your own private microblog, 
| but how do you actually do that? The easiest way is to install Bilboblog, a 
| tiny, no-frills PHP/MySQL-based microblogging engine.  


Warsow Update Delivers New Maps & More

,----[ Quote ]
| While most open-source games still lack the graphics quality and features 
| that the latest proprietary game engines support within retail games that are 
| backed by the large studios, their quality has been improving as with their 
| artwork and other characteristics. As an example of this, Warsow 0.5 made it 
| out this week with a horde of new features and improvements.     



Articles : Warsow 0.5 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently a new version of Warsow, the e-Sports oriented FPS has been
| released. Improvements since the previous versions include:
| Â Â * Weapon settings, armor settings and movement system have been tweaked
| Â Â and revised


Games : Warsow - call for demos

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 0.5 of the eSports oriented FPS is soon to be released, but for that
| the Warsow team is looking for in game scenes for a promotion trailer, as
| they state in an article on their website.



Games : Warsow 0.4 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday the developers of Warsow, which is a free fast-paced first person
| shooter released the new beta version of their game.

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