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[News] Red Hat Targets Fog Computing and Sub-notebooks

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'Grid computing Red Hat' lands elephant on VMware cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Cloudera - the star-studded Silicon Valley startup that commercialized the 
| epic number crunching of the open source Hadoop project - is now offering a 
| version of its stuffed elephant distro for use on VMWare's imminent vCloud.  


Fedora looking to target Netbooks?

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm assuming that the x86-64 version of the distro will continue with the 
| same optimizations as past releases. 



5 Common Questions About Hadoop

,----[ Quote ]
| Thereâs been a lot of buzz about Hadoop lately. Just the other day, some of
| our friends at Yahoo! reclaimed the terasort record from Google using Hadoop,
| and the folks at Facebook let on that they ingest 15 terabytes a day into
| their 2.5 petabyte Hadoop-powered data warehouse.
| [...]
| Hadoop uses commodity hardware, so every month, your costs decrease or
| provide more capacity for the same price point. You probably have a vendor
| you like, and they probably sell a dual quad-core (8 cores total) machine
| with 4 1TB SATA disks (you specifically donât want RAID).


The dawn of a new Cloudera

,----[ Quote ]
| Given the current economic outlook itâs great to see a new open source
| start-up rearing its head, and the list of founders indicates that this one
| has a good chance of survival. While VentureBeat is focused on the fact that
| Ex-Google, Yahoo, and Facebook employees are on the team, my eye was caught
| by the fact that Mike Oslon, Sleepycat Software founder and former CEO has
| been tempted out of semi-retirement.

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