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[News] GNU/Linux on Sub-notebooks Receives Splendid Review (from LJ)

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The Move to Linux - Netbook Remix

,----[ Quote ]
| All Linux installations should be this easy and this straight forward. Yes, 
| Linux is an incredibly flexible and incredibly powerful operating system. 
| This is one of its strengths. But if the OS is going to make a dent in the 
| desktop market, especially the non-technical, end-user market, then the 
| installation experience offered by the Ubuntu Netbook Remix is an experience 
| that I would hold up as the gold standard. It has certainly been one of the 
| easiest Linux installations I have done in quite some time.      



Jolicloud Review on the HP Mini 1000

,----[ Quote ]
| I tried several operating system on the HP Mini 1000 netbook during the past
| months, inlcuding Karmic Koala Alpha releases of Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR)
| and Kubuntu netbook edition, as well as Moblin v2.0.
| I was pretty excited after watching the Moblin video tour and also very
| impressed of the great looking Kubuntu UI. Still, I am most satisfied with
| UNR from a usability and hardware support perspective and certainly due to
| being used to work with Ubuntu.
| But, there is another OS which I want to test drive before deciding what
| system to run in the future: Jolicloud. Like the other systems mentioned
| above Jolicloud is optimized for netbooks. The Jolicloud developers call it
| an Internet operating system as there is a strong focus on Web/cloud based
| applications.

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