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[News] [Rival] Another Epic Fail for Vista SP2 (Not Vista 7)

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Vista SP2 Fails to Install on Intel x64 Multiple CPUs/Multi-Core CPUs

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is letting users fend for themselves when Windows Vista Service 
| Pack 2 fails to install on computers running multiple 64-bit Intel processors 
| or a 64-bit Intel multi-core processor, at least for the time being. The 
| Redmond company informed that attempting to deploy the second service pack 
| for Vista or for Windows Server 2008 on top of computers featuring Intel x64 
| multiple CPUs or multi-Core CPUs results in the following stop error: Stop 
| 0x0000003E. An update was available, designed to resolve the problem, but it 
| was pulled down, because it too caused Vista SP2 to crash with a stop error. 
| Microsoft failed to offer any details on the Intel processors affected.         


Windows Users - The Charlie Browns of Computing

,----[ Quote ]
| Every one of those computers have one thing in common...they don't run 
| Microsoft Windows. 
| They run Linux.
| An operating system born from the free spirit of tens of thousands of 
| programmers and contributors all around the globe. Global Enterprises such as 
| RedHat, Suse and Canonical also pay their developers to give us free 
| software. Linux is created by the will of a global community. Many of them 
| are unpaid, doing this work so you CAN have choice in how you operate your 
| computer.     
| But it's not just John and Jane Computer User that can benefit from Linux.



Windows 7: R.I.P.

,----[ Quote ]
| Death throes. Thatâs how Iâd describe the latest barrage of white papers from
| Microsoft. The companyâs flagship, Windows Vista, is thrashing around in the
| shallows like a wounded animal, fighting in vain to escape the inevitable.
| [...]
| Now we learn that thereâs no point in waiting for Windows 7 because,
| according to Microsoft, âitâll be just like Vista.â
| Talk about eating your young! Microsoft is now publicly trashing their next
| version in order to salvage their current dud. Never mind that theyâre
| killing the very positive mystique surrounding Windows 7. Company executives
| are hell bent on proving that the Vista âRefuseniksâ were wrong, and theyâre
| not above using force to achieve their goal.
| Thatâs right, hidden within their latest propaganda piece is the not so
| veiled threat that customers who bypass Vista risk widening the very
| compatibility chasm that dissuaded them in the first place. Thatâs because
| Microsoft has no intention of making it any easier for customers to upgrade
| to Windows 7 from XP than it is for them to upgrade from XP to Vista today.

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