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[News] GNU/Linux for Gamers (Supreme Super Gamer LiveDVD) in Review

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Review: Supreme Super Gamer LiveDVD

,----[ Quote ]
| So what's my conclusion?  It's good.  Supreme Super Gamer does a bangup job 
| of providing a good quality gaming experience on Linux, and is definitely 
| worth checking out.  On a slight side note, SSG is one of two releases from 
| the Super Gamer crew of late.   



Linux Got Game!

,----[ Quote ]
| Depending upon your preferences, Supergamer Supreme can be totally awesome.
| It can be run from the live DVD with almost as good performance as when
| installed. Perhaps you don't mind booting back and forth between systems, and
| as such the Firefox, MPlayer, and GIMP versions may not matter all that much.
| Even if you prefer to avoid lots of booting, are the older versions even an
| issue for you? Despite the drawbacks, Supergamer Supreme is still the best
| gaming distro available.



SuperGamer Live DVD

,----[ Quote ]
| A while back I took at a Linux distribution geared solely toward playing
| games called Live Linux Gaming. Well thereâs another remastered distribution
| for gamers called SuperGamer. SuperGamer is based on VectorLinux and requires
| a dual layer DVD. It weighs in at roughly 8GB so itâs a bit on the chunky
| side as a download. But, given the number of games it comes with (more on
| that below), you can understand why itâs such a large download. SuperGamer is
| based on the kernel and can run on 32 or 64 bit computers.
| [...]
| SuperGamer is a great addition to the remastered distro collection of any
| intermediate or advanced Linux user. Itâs well worth a download even given
| itâs large file size. Linux gamers in particular should probably consider
| this a must-have given the level of convenience in having all of its games
| right at their fingertips in a Live CD.

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