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[News] Sun Adds Openness to Blogs Using New Licensing Move

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Mine, all mine (& theirs too)

,----[ Quote ]
| The new license was rolled out today, to accompany the handy new function to 
| export all blog content for use with (for example) WordPress. From now on, 
| every Sun blogger has (if they choose to accept the new license) a clear, 
| documented set of rights to their blogging content. Huge thanks to the team 
| of people that made it happen, especially my favourite lawyer, Tiki Dare, who 
| completely "gets" this stuff and without whose quiet and largely unsung help 
| the open source community would be much the poorer.      



Oracle To Buy Sun: Great News For Linux, Java, and Open Office. Bad News for


Oracle+Sun: Good News or Bad News for Open Source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Moreover, this development would fit nicely with the increasing number of
| Android developments in new contexts â netbooks, consumer devices etc. As a
| result of all this interest from across the computing spectrum, Android is
| going to become much hotter, and that will drive even faster innovation,
| development and uptake in this area. Bad news for the other Linux-based
| mobile platforms perhaps, and certainly bad news for people like Symbian and
| Microsoft.


Oracle Buys Sun: It's Official

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's the press release. So they own Java and Solaris and MySQL, not to
| mention all the patents Sun pledged to use to defend Red Hat and Ubuntu when
| Microsoft began patent saber rattling, plus whatever patents Sun had that
| made Jonathan Schwartz say he had been approached to sue Linux but decided
| not to:
| Â Â With business down and customers leaving, we had more than a few choices
| Â Â at our disposal. We were invited by one company to sue the beneficiaries
| Â Â of open source. We declined. We could join another and sue our customers.
| Â Â That seemed suicidal.
| So whatever he was talking about now belongs to Oracle.

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