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[News] World's Most Critical Servers Run GNU/Linux, Centrify Backs Linux

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Linux powers world's fastest stock exchange

,----[ Quote ]
| The Deutsche Borse Group manages the International Securities Exchange, an 
| equity options exchange in New York, as well as the Eurex and Deutsche 
| Borse's own Xetra cash exchange. The Xetra stock exchange platform is also 
| used by the Irish Stock Exchange, the European Energy Exchange, and the 
| Shanghai Stock Exchange among others. It has long used Linux as the basis of 
| these high-speed stock exchanges. Later this year, it is launching a next 
| generation.  The new trading infrastructure will use IBM WebSphere MQ Low 
| Latency Messaging and Linux to make it the fastest stock exchange software on 
| the planet.         


Centrify Secures Access and Privileges on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Running on
IBM System z Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| Centrify Corporation, the leading provider of Microsoft Active 
| Directory-based, identity and access management and auditing solutions for 
| non-Microsoft platforms, today announced the availability of support for Red 
| Hat Enterprise Linux in Centrify Suite 2008 for Linux on IBM System z. With 
| Centrify Suite, enterprises can leverage their existing Active Directory 
| infrastructure and user accounts to easily secure the hundreds to thousands 
| of Linux servers that a single mainframe can host.      



London Stock Exchange reportedly to dump Â40m platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Dropping TradElect would be a dramatic about-face for the exchange, which had
| heavily promoted its ability to rival newer, dedicated electronic exchanges,
| and plumbed millions of pounds into doing so. It runs on HP ProLiant Servers
| and Microsoft .Net and SQL Server 2000 systems, and within a Cisco network
| architecture.


Furse should not resign, she should be sacked

,----[ Quote ]
| Comment The farce of the London Stock Exchange not only crashing but failing
| to get its systems up and running again should surprise no one.
| Well, no one except LSE boss Clara Furse, who demonstrates little
| understanding that technology is crucial to her business.
| Iâve worked for members of the London Stock Exchange and everyone agrees she
| is world-class at corporate presentations, but the evidence that she can
| actually run things is rather harder to come by.
| No one expects her to write FIX handlers, or optimise an order-matching
| engine, but her yes-men simply were not in the position to make any
| intelligent decisions on technology, if we look at the board of the LSE.
| Do we see anything that even looks like experience in technology? No. We see
| three from the media, and of course accountancy, but no mention of
| technology.
| To be sure, the CIO (not on the board) is ex-Accenture man David Lester. To a
| Reg reader, Accenture will be associated in the context of technology with
| the words âscrew upâ, âlateâ, and âover budgetâ. Clara Furse cannot be held
| responsible for problems with Cisco switches - one of the suggested
| culprits - but she is absolutely in the frame for the choice of senior
| management and strategic vendors.


London Stock Exchange in denial over system outage

,----[ Quote ]
| The LSE absolved its core TradElect platform from blame. The system, designed
| and built by Accenture, runs on HP ProLiant Servers and Microsoft .Net and
| SQL Server 2000 systems. Accenture declined to comment on Monday's events.
| The LSE said, "we won't discuss dealings with our individual suppliers".
| Bob McDowall, senior analyst at Tower Group, said sparse explanations
| provided by the LSE so far were ânot very satisfactoryâ.


London Stock Exchange trading derailed by computer crash on frenzied day

,----[ Quote ]
| Trading on the London Stock Exchange has been halted after a computer system
| failed on one of the most frantic days of trading so far this year.
| FTSE 100: trading on the London Stock Exchange halted after computer systems
| failed
| In an embarrassment for the LSE, the exchange said that no orders can be
| entered or executions of those trades occur. The LSE plans to bring back
| trading in a âcontrolled wayââ, but couldn't say how long that will take.


London Stock Exchange blames outage on Infolect

,----[ Quote
| The outage hit shortly before close of trading and forced the exchange
| to extend its closing auction by a hour and a half, from 4.30pm until
| 6pm. Even so it was reported that that some traders left for the day
| with trades unexecuted
| Infolect was launched two years ago in place of the exchangeâs London
| Market Information Link platform. It uses Microsoft .net technology and
| a SQL Server database


NYSE Euronext banks on Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| If anyone out there persists in believing that Linux isn't ready for serious
| prime time, NYSE Euronext's dependence on Red Hat should finally lay that
| silly notion to rest. As announced, the New York Stock Exchange Euronext
| dumped its proprietary UNIX heritage (AIX, HP UX, Solaris) for the freedom,
| flexibility, and performance of Linux.


Linux steps up to power NZ Stock Exchange

,----[ Quote ]
| The New Zealand Stock Exchange is moving to a Linux platform for its
| settlement and clearing system, replacing its existing HP NonStop platform
| and applications in order to reduce cost and increase flexibility.


HP Linux servers bolster NYSE trading app

,----[ Quote ]
| "We favor Linux for what we do. We don't want to be beholden to any one
| [hardware or software] supplier, even if it is very good. We want the freedom
| to be vendor-independent, so Linux was a good choice," said Rubinow.


Microsoft is the world's biggest cause of zombie remailers

,----[ Quote ]
| In China, it would take about one and one-half years wages (for the
| average Chinese) to buy a legitimate copy of Windows Vista. If you
| could find it here.
| Microsoft is the biggest cause of zombie remailers in the world,
| because they make noises, but do not do anything to address the
| real digital inequities in the world.


Pump and dump spam comes to Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this month, the US Securities and Exchange Commission
| (SEC) had suspended trading in 35 companies that were found to
| be commonly referenced in pump-and-dump stock email campaigns.


SEC goes after stock spammers, hackers

,----[ Quote ]
| The SEC action to freeze the assets is the third filed in as many
| months involving market manipulation schemes conducted through
| online account intrusions. In the past the SEC has also taken
| action against individuals who allegedly broke into financial
| news Web sites or news release services.
| [...]
| "When spam clogs our mailboxes, it's annoying. When it rips
| off investors, it's illegal and destructive," SEC Chairman
| Christopher Cox said in a statement.


,----[ Quote ]
| Problems found in an audit of Diebold tabulation records from an Ohio
| November 2006 election raise questions about whether the database got
| corrupted during the tabulation of election results...
| The database is built from Microsoft's Jet database engine. The
| engine, according to Microsoft, is vulnerable to corruption when a lot
| of concurrent activity is happening with the database, such as what
| occurs on an election night [and Microsoft advises againt using Jet in
| a complex environment]...
| The report mentions that election staff had trouble with the server
| crashing and freezing on election night....
| The report notes that with punch card machines election officials used
| to be able to determine definitively if all ballots had been counted
| in the results....


,----[ Quote ]
| "Nineteen machines had 21 screen freezes or system crashes, producing a
| blue screen and messages about an "illegal operation" or a "fatal
| exception error."
| "Especially with this blue-screen problem, you don't know whether it's
| the printer drivers, you don't know whether it's Diebold's own code or
| whether it's Windows,"


Mainframe Linux at SHARE

,----[ Quote ]
| Everyone is already using Linux somewhere, Elliott said, but there are still
| people who are afraid to put their mission-critical applications on it for
| fear that it is not robust enough.


Open source and mission critical: The Linux application server landscape

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2005, Michael Dortch, executive editor and director of IT infrastructure
| management strategies at the Robert Frances Group, penned a report comparing
| Linux application server total cost of ownership (TCO) with Microsoft's
| Windows and Sun Microsystems' Solaris. In that report, Linux won handily,
| prompting Dortch to recommend that all IT managers at least give the Linux
| application server a serious look for mission-critical data center tasks.
| [...]
| What a lot of our clients are finding today, however, is that, with Linux and
| open source application servers, the wisdom of the crowd has solved those
| standards-based problems. And because the management tools are freely
| available and malleable, they find that the big sell was "cheap and free" but
| is now "What will complete my processes faster?" Open source used to be
| inexpensive and free, but now IT is finding value [in it] because it's more
| responsive and responsive.


Forrester: Open source is everywhere, and increasingly used for
mission-critical applications

,----[ Quote ]
| Forrester just issued an insightful report on the increasing adoption
| of open source in the enterprise. The verdict? Open source is everywhere,
| and taking an ever-increasing piece of the enterprise pie


Open Source Slowly Gains Momentum on Wall Street

,----[ Quote ]
| Customers may be comfortable using Linux for infrastructure-type
| systems but less so for business software, said Monica Kumar,
| senior director of product manager for Linux and open-source
| software at Oracle.


Linux Crossing Threshold to Real Mission Critical Computing

,----[ Quote ]
| ...Linux developers are steadily chipping away at the most
| significant functional gaps that limited its suitability for
| these workloads in the past, allowing it to progress far beyond the
| "edge of network" domain where it has traditionally thrived. The
| impressive wins by Novell and Red Hat prove that user perceptions
| about Linux's limitations are gradually crumbling as well.


Linux goes to Wall Street, puts on a show

,----[ Quote ]
| "The Financial Services firms are leading the enterprise adoption of
| open source technology, including Linux," says Zachary. "By watching
| the consumption patterns of these firms, open source vendors can
| gain a good understanding of the types of products and services
| that are commercially viable.
| [...]
| "We see a growing role for open source software beyond Linux in
| financial services companies and that's why many companies are
| expanding the governance policies and procedures around using
| open source software."


Next Gen, Mission-Critical Apps To Be Deployed on Linux Says Report

,----[ Quote ]
| By now it should be obvious to even the most casual industry observers
| that Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general -
| have reached critical marketplace mass. Recent Linux deals and
| announcements by Oracle and Microsoft have only reinforced the "open
| source is enterprise-grade" message that IBM, Unisys and other "Master
| Brand" hardware, software and services vendors have been preaching for
| years. In short, open source, especially Linux, is becoming "legitimized"
| by the major vendors for enterprise environments, and user executives
| are more than happy to believe them.


CIO study finds Linux ready for prime-time

,----[ Quote ]
| The company predicts a steep rise: only 18 percent of businesses
| will be using Linux in business-critical roles by the end of 2007.
| "Linux operating systems - and open source-based software in general
| - have reached critical marketplace mass," said the study's authors,
| Bruce Guptill and Bill McNee of Saugatuck Research.

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