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[News] New Laws Harm the Internet and Small Companies

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Lord Mandelson wants mobile internet fix

,----[ Quote ]
| The 50 pence-a-month levy to pay for better broadband in the countryside, as 
| recommended in Lord Carter's Digital Britain report, isn't going to happen. 
| Punters won't pay it, and the government isn't going to impose it directly 
| before a general election. Meanwhile, the EU requires Britain to permit the 
| use of 3G at 900MHz, which can't be done until the ownership of the spectrum 
| is sorted out.     


Dreadful Ruling: Web Hosts Hit With $32 Million Judgment For Content On
Customers' Websites

,----[ Quote ]
| Instead, as Eric Goldman alerts us, the jury has sided with Louis Vuitton and 
| awarded the company $32.4 million in damages from the web hosts.  


Stopping Start-Ups 

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| VARIOUS pieces of legislation now making their way through Congress would 
| require private pools of investment capital to be registered with the 
| Securities and Exchange Commission. The goal is to curtail abuses and protect 
| the public from questionable practices. The proposed laws would cover the 
| range of funds that deal in derivatives, auction-rate and mortgage-backed 
| securities, highly leveraged transactions and a slew of other instruments so 
| complicated as to defy description.      


AstroTurf still reigns:

Wendell Potter: Rally Against Wall Street's Health Care Takeover

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm ashamed that I let myself get caught up in deceitful and dishonest PR 
| campaigns that worked so well, hundreds of thousands of our citizens have 
| died, and millions of others have lost their homes and been forced into 
| bankruptcy, so that a very few corporate executives and their Wall Street 
| masters could become obscenely rich.    



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