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[News] Google's Linux Operating System to Have Model Similar to Chrome(ium)?

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Is there a ChromiumOS to go with ChromeOS?

,----[ Quote ]
| In a recent report on TechCrunch, it was noted that modifications were being 
| made to the Chrome browser which hint that the forthcoming ChromeOS will use 
| the browser as the application launcher. Details also reveal that the 
| developers at Google are extending the status bar to include an application 
| launching control, a clock and battery indicator.    


Google Chrome OS to Feature Single Sign-On for Chrome Browser

,----[ Quote ]
| Blogger Lee Mathews of Download Squad recently found a reference to Chrome OS 
| in the source code of Chromium, the open source project that serves as the 
| testing grounds for Google's Chrome web browser. In the code, a line 
| references something being called the "Chrome OS login manager." Essentially, 
| this login manager will function as a single sign-on (SSO) cookie which will 
| simultaneously log you into all Google services including things like Gmail, 
| Calendar, Docs, Reader, etc.      


More Chrome OS clues - and it's sure sounding like a bootable browser



Google Chrome Available for Download

,----[ Quote ]
| With the availability of, Google continues to indicate its
| commitment to building truly 64-bit Chrome for Linux. The Mountain View
| company is also working to port the V8 JavaScript engine to 64-bit (x64)
| Windows, but has failed to provide an ETA for delivery so far.


10 Interesting Google Chrome OS Mock-up Designs

,----[ Quote ]
| We may never see the first development version of Google Chrome Operating
| System until the beginning of next year. We can however look at some mock-up
| desktop designs of Chrome OS which are scattered throughout the web.


Google's 64-bit Chrome starts emerging on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has begun work on a 64-bit version of Chrome for Linux, a move likely
| to whip Linux loyalists into a lather of excitement.
| "The V8 team did some amazing work this quarter building a working 64-bit
| port. After a handful of changes on the Chromium side, I've had Chromium
| Linux building on 64-bit for the last few weeks," said Chrome engineer Dean
| McNamee in a mailing list message Thursday.


64-bit Chrome takes centre stage in Linux land

,----[ Quote ]
| Google engineers have been beavering away at a 64-bit version of the
| companyâs Chrome browser for the Linux platform.
| According to Chrome developer Dean McNamee, Mountain Viewâs V8 team has been
| tinkering with a Chromium Linux 64-bit for several weeks now. V8, in case you
| were wondering, is the web kingpinâs JavaScript engine.


No 64-Bit Surfing in Windows 7?

,----[ Quote ]
| There's one other way to address this problem, but we imagine most people
| won't want to go down that particular road: switch to Linux. Adobe recently
| released an alpha version of the 64-bit Flash player for that OS, but Windows
| users still have to wait.

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