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[News] Fedora Linux Compared to Ubuntu and Scores Well

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Fedora from an Ubuntu point of view

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm impressed by Fedora.  Itâs familiar and friendly, with a well defined and 
| complete appearance.  Delta RPMs are a great idea â especially as we consider  
| that not everyone has a fast internet connection (Sony wants to take this on 
| board, as I wait here for another massive system update on PS3).  Encryption 
| is very welcome as is SELinux.  On the downside, the installation licensing 
| limits the distributed applications and yum is still comparitively slow.    


Boog, the desktop bugzilla client for Fedora

,----[ Quote ]
| From the project page âBoog is a desktop and command line bugzilla client 
| that aims to provide a very easy and simple interface for end users to file 
| bug reports. We aim to built some intelligence into the client. We will 
| collect the Fedora version and component version information, hardware 
| details, log output, SELinux status and other details depending on the 
| component the user chooses to file a bug report against.â     



Is it time you swapped Ubuntu for Fedora?

,----[ Quote ]
| The direct link to the commercial enterprise of Red Hat also means that
| Fedora is incredibly secure and stable: its RPM package management is an
| industry standard. Fedora gains a lot of credibility from its community
| driven sibling, with the only downside being a relatively short life cycle
| for support on each release.


Fedora 12 Alpha To Bring Many Linux Desktop Improvements

,----[ Quote ]
| The first development release for Fedora 12 (codenamed Constantine), Alpha 1,
| was supposed to be released this week. However, Red Hat has pushed back its
| release to next week Tuesday. While there is this seven-day delay, an Alpha 1
| RC1 ISO spin is available and we decided to provide a very early and brief
| look at the Fedora 12 release.


Announcing Fedora 12 Alpha

,----[ Quote ]
| PackageKit improvements - PackageKit now has plugins to install applications
| from a web browser, and from the command line if a user tries a command from
| a package not yet installed.

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