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[News] Authors Deviate from Intellectual Monopolies

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Authors Take Up The Tiered Support Models Also

,----[ Quote ]
| Another day, another example of content creators embracing the business 
| models we've been talking about -- and once again, this one is outside of the 
| music industry. Recently we wrote about movie makers picking up on tiered 
| funding offerings, similar to what Jill Sobule has done, and now we've got a 
| budding author as well.    


The MAFIAA has a different agenda:

Movie studios again demand HDTV disabling powers from FCC

,----[ Quote ]
| Even the MPAA now concedes that its bid for selectable output control could 
| force some consumers to buy new home theater gear. What we still don't have 
| is a reasonable estimate on whether the 11 million figure bandied about is 
| accurate. Nor do we know what the Genachowski FCC thinks about this mess.   


Despite Winning $675,000, RIAA Fears Defendant is File Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| The Recording Industry Association of America took the offensive Tuesday 
| against a college student whom a jury concluded in July must pay $675,000 for 
| file sharing 30 songs.  



Writing a book with the help of the Sakai free software community

,----[ Quote ]
| This article is about writing a book with the help of the free software
| community. The book in question is Sakai Courseware Management with the main
| authors being Alan Berg (Me myself and I) and Michael Korcuska, the executive
| director of the Sakai Foundation. In reality, around forty community members
| delivered valuable content, which the authors distributed strategically
| throughout the book.

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