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Re: [News] Mandelson and Microsoft Front Group Use Lies to Knock People Off the Web

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____/ Tony(UK) on Wednesday 02 September 2009 19:14 : \____

> On Wed, 02 Sep 2009 17:02:58 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> When UK ISPs remove the binary newsgroups that carry warez, MP3s,
>>> pornography, virus-laden files and the like, THEN I'll listen to this
>>> rubbish.
>>> Until this happens, it is just rhetoric, but much is being done in the
>>> background by the UK Conservative party. Expect changes in what ISPs
>>> offer their customers.
>> People will *always* find new protocols (even encrypted) to exchange
>> zeroes and ones. The worst thing to do is kill the medium.
> I do not agree with you on the second sentence, and your view is wrong. I
> will explain.
> I am subscribed to four newsgroups out of the 122,000 or so available from
> my server. The full unabridged list is viewable to anyone, and if I was so
> inclined and participated in some of the binary groups available and my
> computer is seized, I would be prosecuted. Just subscribing to certain
> groups could be seen as an admission of nefarious activity.
> There is a vast difference in knowingly supplying the said material,
> freely and intentionally to customers of any age and persuasion, or the
> intentional sharing of this illegal material by those who deliberately
> flout the law by finding other ways of circumnavigating the law of their
> own conciousness.
> Force this stuff underground where it belongs.

The issue is that more and more ISPs are led to abandon nntp altogether (baby
and bathwater). See:

AT&T Quits Free Usenet Access July 15th

,----[ Quote ]
| Caves to demands that it âprotect its customers from child pornographyâ even
| though discontinuing free service will do little to fight the problem since
| pedophiles will simply switch to third party premium Usenet services.


RIAA triumphs in Usenet copyright case

,----[ Quote ]
| The Recording Industry Association of America has prevailed in its copyright
| fight against Usenet.com, according to court documents.
| In a decision that hands the RIAA an overwhelming victory, U.S. District
| Judge Harold Baer of the Southern District of New York ruled in favor of the
| music industry on all its main theories: that Usenet.com is guilty of direct,
| contributory, and vicarious infringement. In addition, and perhaps most
| important for future cases, Baer said that Usenet.com can't claim protection
| under the Sony Betamax decision. That ruling says companies can't be held
| liable for contributory infringement if the device they create is "capable of
| significant non-infringing uses."


Usenet Community Takes Anti-Piracy Group to Court

,----[ Quote ]
| A Usenet discussion community is taking notorious anti-piracy outfit BREIN to
| court. BREIN, which has taken action against many Usenet and BitTorrent sites
| including Demonoid and Mininova, has declared the activities of FTD illegal.
| Angered by these claims, FTD is now taking BREIN to court to force it to eat
| its words.


Comcast to shut down free Usenet access

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast is just the latest of the large ISPs to buckle under to MAFIAA
| pressure from the music and movie cartels, but that doesn't mean that they
| deserve to get away with this.


Usenet: Not Dead Yet

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the last few years, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
| and other organizations looking to eliminate the illegal swapping of digital
| media files have attacked the problem through the courts, publicity
| campaigns, and other means.


Comcast, NetZero latest providers to bow to Cuomo's Usenet campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| But in reality, Cuomo's pressure tactics have misfired. They led Time Warner
| Cable to pull the plug on some 100,000 Usenet discussion groups, including
| such hotbeds of illicit content as talk.politics and
| misc.activism.progressive. Verizon Communications deleted such unlawful
| discussion groups as us.military, ny.politics, alt.society.labor-unions, and
| alt.politics.democrats. AT&T and Time Warner Cable have taken similar steps.


Verizon offers details of Usenet deletion: alt.* groups, others gone

,----[ Quote ]
| Cuomo claimed that his office found child porn on 88 newsgroups--out of
| roughly 100,000 newsgroups that exist. In a press release, he took credit for
| the companies' blunderbuss-style newsgroup removal by saying: "We are
| attacking this problem by working with Internet service providers...I commend
| the companies that have stepped up today to embrace a new standard of
| responsibility, which should serve as a model for the entire industry."
| [...]
| What this means in practice is that, thanks to the New York state attorney
| general, Verizon customers will lose out on innocent discussions. Verizon is
| retaining only eight newsgroup hierarchies, even though over 1,000
| hierarchies exist.


Usenet Villified In NY Deal With ISPs

,----[ Quote ]
| Time Warner Cable will turn off all newsgroup access, while Sprint plans to
| cut access to the whole alt.* segment. Verizon may follow Sprint's example.
| Blocking all newsgroups does appear to be a broad approach to a problem
| involving a minority of such groups. As with the Internet in general, not
| everything in Usenet poses a threat. But no one wants to be tainted with even
| a suggestion of being soft on child porn, hence the rush to apply censorship
| with a sweeping axe rather than a skillfully-wielded scalpel.


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