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[News] GNU/Linux Image Viewers, Video Editors and File Managers Listed

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The Best Image Viewers For Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| For anyone looking for features > performance, Gthumb is the sane choice.
| For those wanting to just view pictures quickly, ViewNiorâs speed makes it 
| the best choice. 
| For an all-rounder Eye of Gnome has it just about right.


A Video Editor that Just Works

,----[ Quote ]
| So, thanks to Pitivi I now have a new screencast up on the site called Ubuntu 
| Dual Boot Install. 


10 Linux file managers worth checking out

,----[ Quote ]
| Most users take their file managers for granted. Itâs there, it does its job, 
| and thatâs all they care about. But to Linux users, the file manager is as 
| close to their hearts as their text editor. There is a reason for this: With 
| the Linux operating system, and the various desktops, there are quite a few 
| file managers. Each has standard as well as unique features. In fact, there 
| are so many file managers, and so many unique features, itâs time someone 
| listed 10 of the best choices. See if one of these file managers meets (or 
| surpasses) your needs.       



10 File Managers for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Nautilus
| Nautilus is the default file manager coming with GNOME, the popular desktop
| environment shipped by default in distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora or
| Debian. Nautilus has a clean and easy to use interface, and its functionality
| can be expanded using scripts. It features tabs, three view modes (icon view,
| list view and compact view), the possibility to sort items by name, size,
| type, modification date or even emblems (a feature specific to Nautilus),
| bookmarks, file previews, possibility to browse the network, and media
| devices support.

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