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[News] Introductions to and Reviews of GNU/Linux Music Players

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Open Source Karaoke Game Hits the Right Notes

,----[ Quote ]
| Performous isn't just an app that displays song lyrics, it's actually a 
| teaching tool that can help you improve your singing voice. It helps correct 
| your pitch (even in very noisy environments), displays musical notes onscreen 
| as you warble, and awards you performance points for hitting all the right 
| notes (octaves don't count).     


Simple, Fast, and Geeky Console-based Audio Players for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| To those of you who are new to Linux, you may not know that you can use the 
| shell terminal to do some fun stuff like play games, watch Star Wars, and 
| even browse the web. You can even blast your favorite music with it, which I 
| will be showing you how.    


Amarok 2.2 â Reloaded, revamped, rethinked, reeverything!

,----[ Quote ]
| Also, thanks to the new tagging/indexing system that the amarokers developed, 
| each song has its own unique identifier inside the tag, so if you move your 
| music around, amarok WILL recognize it and hunt it down.  



Amarok 2.1 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| The enhanced plasmoid feature in the 2.1 version shows the favorite and
| current track ad unlike the earlier versions the plasmoids are united into a
| single folder and lets you choose or switch with the new taskbar provided in
| the lower central window.
| A new services plasmoid is another addition.
| Both manual and automatic bookmarking is enabled in the amarok 2.1 version.
| The player automatically bookmarks a track played continuously for more than
| 10 minutes and resumes playing from the position when back.


Amarok 2.2 development, one week in

,----[ Quote ]
| Last Friday, trunk was opened for features and changes intended for Amarok
| 2.2. In the scope of a few hours more than 250 commits had been made as
| people were frantically committing their local git repos.

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