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Re: Micoshaft shames journalists in court documents

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____/ Terry Porter on Thursday 03 September 2009 23:55 : \____

> On Thu, 03 Sep 2009 22:34:57 +0000, 7 wrote:
> <snip>
>> As discussed in our PR meeting this morning. David & I have spoken with
>> Maureen O'Gara (based on go ahead from BrianV) and planted the story.
>> She has agreed to not attribute the story to us.
> <snip>
> We all suspected that O'Gara was just a Microsoft plant for her anti
> Linux articles. Now everyone will know, and her reputation is history.

She's not alone. How many 'reporters' has Microsoft already bribed to praise
Microsoft products?

Bribing Bloggers

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a bribe. Period. You say nice things about us, you get nice
| things from us. Heck, just say neutral things about us-we'll give
| you a killer new laptop and we know that you'll be inclined to say
| better things about us.


Needless to say, some of the same bribed folks also vilify Linux in public.

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