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[News] Advise for Advancing GNU/Linux in the Eyes of Less Technical Folks

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How to convert non-techies to Linux.

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| Eyecandy is also very important. Most new and non technical users are not 
| interested in code. What they see is the GUI. Make their distro look very 
| cool and pretty and they will fall in love with it. You can get themes from 
| Gnomelook.org. Lots of people like Apple computers because of aesthetics. 
| This might seem superficial to you but we are talking about the non technical 
| users switching over to Linux. Another great application is Compiz. If their 
| computer is powerful enough you can give them excellent eyecandy with compiz. 
| With themes and cool 3D effects you will be able to make their Linux desktop 
| nicer than Windows or Mac OS. Show them a little razzle dazzle.        



Advocating Linux in the Classroom

,----[ Quot ]
| Linux shirts, caps, etc. Just the presence of those items will make people
| more aware of its existence. And if you make a really awesome design, people
| will talk to you about it and ask what itâs all about. A conversation starter
| that could let someone know about Linux and maybe even get him/her interested
| to try it out.


Microsoft: Sorry, you can't use these vouchers to learn Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The vouchers are being made available as part of Microsoft's Elevate America
| retraining program, announced in February, which aims to train up to 2
| million people over the next three years.

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