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[News] Fermilab and CERN Go with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, So Does Jaspersoft

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Scientific Linux: A Distro For More Than Labs

,----[ Quote ]
| The distribution itself is a customized version of Red Hat Enterprise, with 
| the most recent build dating from July 21 (for the 4.x branch). Most of the 
| changes are on a site-specific basis -- for instance, customizations for 
| Fermi's work as opposed to CERN.   


Jaspersoft's New Channel Partner Amentra Further Strengthens Product
Integration With Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Amentra, a Red Hat company, will sell to and train customers who want to 
| deploy Jaspersoft's open source BI suite with Red Hat's JBoss Data Services  
| Platform 



Scientific Linux Fermi 4.7 Âi386 is now available

,----[ Quote ]
| This is based on the rebuilding of RPMS out of SRPMS's that form Scientific
| Linux. ÂPlease read this entire document before installing.


Large Hadron Collider - powered by Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The most powerful physics project in the history of the known universe - The
| $10 Billion Large Hadron Collider (LHC)- shot its first light speed beam this
| morning around its 27 km circuit. Beyond the 20 years it took to build and
| half of all the world's astrophysicists, it also takes another key ingredient
| to make LHC work -- Linux.


One Tale of Two Scientific Distros

,----[ Quote ]
| Several weeks ago, I was flying west past Chicago, watching the ground slide
| by below, when I spotted the signature figure eight of the Fermi National
| Accelerator Laboratory, better known as Fermilab. I shot some pictures, which
| I put up at the Linux Journal Flickr pool (Flickr also uses Linux).
| I figured Fermilab naturally would use Linux, and found that Fermilab has its
| own distro: Fermi Linux. Its public site provides a nice window into a highly
| professional and focused usage of Linux. Within Fermi Linux, specific
| generations are known as Scientific Linux Fermi, each with version numbers
| and the code names Charm, Strange, Top, Bottom, Up, Feynmann, Wilson and
| Lederman.


Scientific Linux 5.2 Live CD Works in Persistent Mode

,----[ Quote ]
| Compared with the previous version, Scientific Linux 5.2 Live CD/DVD works in
| persistent mode, which means that it will store/restore your settings if you
| run it from an USB flash drive. Also, this new feature will allow you to
| carry the USB stick with you, and boot from it whenever you need a stable and
| reliable operating system.


Fermi Scientific Linux. What is it?

,----[ Quote ]
| So the geegazoids at Fermi Lab and other places apparently got together to
| generate a version of Linux that is as close to Red Hat as you can get and
| still be Open Source legal. It is Red Hat. Yet it is not.


Move Your Business from Windows to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| If the cost of Windows is getting your small business down, consider shifting
| to Linux.
| [...]
| Though you can purchase boxed commercial versions of Linux that include
| support, every Linux distribution is also available for free under the terms
| of the open-source Gnu General Public License, or GPL. Once you figure out
| which distribution you'd like to use (see below), you can simply download,
| burn, and install it on as many systems as you choose.



Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 4.6 is now available for i386 and x86_64

,----[ Quote ]
| Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 4.6 has been released for i386 and x86_64.
| The Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD runs Scientific Linux directly from CD/DVD
| without installing.

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