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[News] Eight-core PowerPC Good News for Linux (Rich Architecture Support)

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Eight-core PowerPC SoC begins sampling

,----[ Quote ]
| Freescale Semiconductor has begun sampling the top-of-the-line eight-core 
| version of its Linux-compatible, PowerPC-based QorIQ system-on-chips (SoCs). 
| Aimed at high-end networking applications, the 1.5GHz QorIQ P4080 offers a 
| private backside cache per core, tri-level cache hierarchy, datapath 
| acceleration, a Virtutech-based hypervisor, and a CoreNet "coherency fabric" 
| inter-core interconnect, says the company.     


Microsoft Windows is trapped in lousy x86.

Update: More Platforms With MontaVista Linux 6

,----[ Quote ]
| Update:  When asked exactly how the software can be obtained, MontaVista 
| explained that separate licenses for MontaVista Linux 6 and SDK can be 
| purchased by emailing the local sales department. Once the transaction is 
| complete, a code will be sent allowing access to âMontaVista Zoneâ where the 
| relevant downloads are available.    



MontaVista ships MVL6 on five platforms

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista Software announced the availability of MontaVista Linux 6 (MVL6),
| as well as five processor-specific Market Specific Distributions (MSDs) for
| its commercial embedded Linux development platform. The MSDs, which will soon
| be joined by dozens more, support ARM1176 and ARM926, Freescale MPC8xxx
| (PowerPC), Intel x86 (Pentium/Xeon), MIPS32, and Xilinx Virtex 5, says the
| company.


MontaVista Delivers Broad Platform Support with MontaVista Linux 6

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux commercialization,
| today announced the general availability of new Market Specific Distributions
| (MSDs) of MontaVista Linux 6. By working closely with its semiconductor
| partners to deliver the right combination of features and functionality for
| each platform, MontaVista remains committed to providing the broadest
| hardware support in the embedded Linux market, and aligning the embedded
| Linux supply chain.


MontaVista Launches Android Commercialization Services Offering

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux commercialization,
| today launched a professional services offering for design engineers
| developing commercial products with Google Androidâ. MontaVista's Android
| Commercialization Services offering is designed to help Android developers
| deliver innovative commercial products to market quickly and efficiently.
| This new global services offering is being launched this week with a series
| of seminars in Tokyo, Taipei, and Seoul.


Embedded Linux Founder MontaVista Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux commercialization,
| announced its 10-year anniversary celebration today. Founded in 1999 with a
| focus on delivering Linux for the embedded market, MontaVista has remained
| committed to furthering the development and innovation of commercialized
| embedded Linux through enabling a broad range of architectures, delivering
| commercial quality, and expanding the tools available for embedded
| developers. As a result of this focus and commitment, there are over 60
| million devices in the market powered by MontaVista Linux today.


MontaVista boasts 1-second Linux boot

,----[ Quote ]
| It's getting to where a fellow can't enjoy a nice relaxing boot time these
| days. The latest perpetrator of the conspiracy: Linux application tool vendor
| MontaVista, which said today that it is demonstrating an embedded Linux
| system that boots in just one second.
| MontaVista's Linux demo goes from a cold boot into a sample, "fully
| operational" vehicle dashboard application in a single second, the company
| said. It will be showing off the speedy boot performance at the Virtual
| Freescale Technology Forum this week.


MontaVista releases next generation of its embedded Linux OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Latest version of Linux lets developers take better advantage of target
| hardware platforms and open source software.


MontaVista Provides First No-Cost Evaluation of Commercial Linux for Freescale
QorIQâ P4080 Multicore Processor

,----[ Quote ]
| Today at the 2008 Freescale Technology Forum (FTF), MontaVista Software,
| Inc., the leader in embedded Linux commercialization, unveiled a new
| MontaVista Linux Support Package (LSP) to jump-start the development of
| Linux-based devices on the Freescale QorIQâ P4080 multicore communications
| processor. The advanced Freescale processor is expected to be available in
| several months, but the MontaVista software is being demonstrated on a
| simulated P4080 processor today in MontaVistaâs booth at FTF. MontaVista will
| be the first company to enable embedded developers to evaluate (at no cost)
| and build multicore applications for Freescaleâs QorIQ communications
| platform using commercial Linux.



Embedded Linux Workshop Proves Big Attraction at Hi-Tech Developers Event

,----[ Quote ]
| The organisers of this year's Embedded Masterclass have announced that their
| Embedded Linux Workshops are close to being completely sold out, weeks before
| the event.

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