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Re: [News] Microsoft Trains Best Buy Employees for Anti-GNU/Linux

On Fri, 04 Sep 2009 18:25:09 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> Microsoft attack Linux at the retail level. (Probably not 56k friendly)
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | So I work at Best Buy (insert boos and hisses) and I was doing some
> Microsoft | ExpertZone training.
> |
> | Well, the new one for Windows 7 allows me to get a $10 retail copy of
> Windows | 7 after completing the courses. So I figured I'd get it and
> sell it for a | quick buck. Now, during my training modules, a "Linux vs
> Windows 7" module | appeared.
> `----
> http://www.overclock.net/windows/569458-microsoft-attack-linux-retail-

Wow, MS are desperate, lonely and unloved!

Said a windows user, a honest one (not like the type of cretins we get on 
Cola) about the article :-

I love Vista, looking forward to 7 and certainly see why MS would do 


This is astoundingly bad... astoundingly bad!!!! And untrue (as you point 
out). AND.. those questions... totally bogus. If anything I think the 
Linux updates are easier and generally go smoother than Windows.

Unbuntu is almost as good as Vista in my eyes. I'd say it is better if 
ATI drivers were easy to install (please don't start on this, I'll try 
one of the installers soon when I'm not lazy). It actually runs BOINC 
applications 30% faster than Vista for me..

And I'd say the average web-surfing customer they see, there would be no 
indistinguishable difference between using the 2 OS's. Minus the drastic 
cost difference. This is only exaggerated when you add in that Open 
Office is free too, so that saves the "average" consumer quite a bit too 
if they were looking to buy it for school and planning to use Office.

C.O.L.A Charter:-
"For discussion of the benefits of GNU/Linux compared to other
operating systems."

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