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I'm in Love... KDE 4.3.1

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KDE4 does not cease to excite.

I have been a user of KDE for about decade, but I did use almost every other 
desktop environment and window manager, especially in the earlier days of 
GNU/Linux on the desktop. KDE came naturally to me as a SuSE user (until 
Novell's deal with Microsoft) and its suitability for power user was a great 
plus. I still use GNOME in other places and I am pleased to say that it's a 
pleasant environment too.

My first impression of KDE 4.3 is that it is a lot simpler for newcomers 
(than KDE 3) and it looks fantastic. I used earlier versions of KDE4 and 
they didn't cause me trouble, but this one is almost perfect and I am unable 
to find noticeable wrinkles or creases. In fact, the new release 
incorporates so many wonderful changes that it would be irrational to ever 
step back to KDE3 again.

In the process of setting up this workstation I needed to use GParted, which 
is another invaluable distribution that does precisely what it says on the 
tin and does it nicely, too. I am currently on Kubuntu 9.10 (alpha 5), but I 
did not leave Mandriva behind. In fact, almost every distribution that I try 
these days leaves me satisfied. They all do, after all, share the same 
components; integration work is where it all counts.

So, thumbs up to the KDE team, the Kubuntu team, and the GParted 
maintainer/s. At this pace, the domination of GNU/Linux on the desktop too 
seems only like a matter of time.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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