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[News] Small Review of Zenwalk 6.2

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First Impression: Zenwalk 6.2

,----[ Quote ]
| I have a Dell Latitude c600 laptop that I like to use for light work or when 
| Iâm on the go. Between overall awkwardness and to age of the laptop I have 
| found it hard to find a Linux distribution that runs well without too much 
| configuration. This isnât my main computer so Iâve been putting it off until 
| today.



Zenwalk Linux 6 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Zenwalk 6 is the latest release of Zenwalk Linux. The changes are major
| enough that most people will find it worth making the upgrade (note Xfce
| 4.6). Zenwalk has come a long way with Zenwalk 6, from its beginnings with
| creator Jean-Philippe Guillemin, also known as Hyperion.


Fedora, Mandriva delivering Linux goods

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu Linux may get most of the attention but Mandriva and Fedora Linux are
| pushing the Linux desktop forward more than most
| Canonical's Ubuntu Linux has a huge following among open source fans and it
| benefits from significant hype because of it. But Mandriva and Fedora Linux
| are quietly delivering the new features that Linux users are looking for.


Zenwalk 6 â Gnome

,----[ Quote ]
| So how does it compare with my distro of choice (Wolvix)? Very well, although
| on my hardware Wolvix Wine performance is better than Zenwalk as is many of
| the emulation projects I am running.  The memory footprint for running
| Zenwalk and a few basic operations was a respectable 120mbâvery impressive,
| infact even running a rather large document in OO didnât take it much above
| 150mb.   Compare that to Ubuntu which has a footprint in similar conditions
| of 255mb.


Review: Zenwalk 6.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Ok, so Iâd say Zenwalk is a good, beautiful distro.  I would only recommend
| it to a new user if they have done their research on this Linux thing.  They
| need to know how to find help or why Firefox is called Iceweasel or they need
| to have a geek friend they can ask.  For Linux veterans, Zenwalk seems nice
| and easy.  It seems to give all the power of Slackware with none of the
| (IMHO) BS.  The repos are not as large as Fedora or Ubuntu, so check that you
| donât need programs that arenât there or are ok with compiling software.  Iâm
| still of the opinion that anyone who is unhappy with his or her current
| distro should try this one out.  You may find it to be a good fit.  It has
| nice, light requirements including Pentium 3 and 128 MB RAM so it might be
| great for resurrecting some old computers without having to resort to
| a âlightâ distro.  Itâs also good if you like Xfce or Gnome.  There does not
| appear to be an official KDE version.


Review: Zenwalk 6.0, A Sprint And A Stumble

,----[ Quote ]
| THE first real connection I made at an emotional level with a Linux
| distribution was with Zenwalk, back in its version 2.0 days, and it was that
| connection which persuaded me to make my first (modest) cash donation to an
| Open Source project.


First Look: Zenwalk Linux 6.0

,----[ Quote ]
| In conclusion, we really enjoyed playing around with this distribution. It's
| blazing fast, it's fun and simple and it's as up-to-date as it can be. If not
| as a replacement of your main desktop, you should definitely give Zenwalk 6.0
| a try in your spare time. Who knows, it could be love at first sight.


Zenwalk 6.0 has been released !

,----[ Quote ]
| We are proud to announce the 6th major version of Zenwalk GNU/Linux. This
| release comes with the biggest changelog in the history of the project to
| offer many new features and optimizations.

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