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Re: I'm in Love... KDE 4.3.1

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____/ Tony Manco on Monday 07 Sep 2009 21:19 : \____

> Marti van Lin wrote:
>> Tony Manco wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>>>> KDE4 does not cease to excite.
>>>> I have been a user of KDE for about decade, but I did use almost every
>>>> other desktop environment and window manager, especially in the earlier
>>>> days of GNU/Linux on the desktop. KDE came naturally to me as a SuSE
>>>> user (until Novell's deal with Microsoft) and its suitability for power
>>>> user was a great plus. I still use GNOME in other places and I am
>>>> pleased to say that it's a pleasant environment too.
>>>> My first impression of KDE 4.3 is that it is a lot simpler for newcomers
>>>> (than KDE 3) and it looks fantastic. I used earlier versions of KDE4 and
>>>> they didn't cause me trouble, but this one is almost perfect and I am
>>>> unable to find noticeable wrinkles or creases. In fact, the new release
>>>> incorporates so many wonderful changes that it would be irrational to
>>>> ever step back to KDE3 again.
>>>> In the process of setting up this workstation I needed to use GParted,
>>>> which is another invaluable distribution that does precisely what it
>>>> says on the tin and does it nicely, too. I am currently on Kubuntu 9.10
>>>> (alpha 5), but I did not leave Mandriva behind. In fact, almost every
>>>> distribution that I try these days leaves me satisfied. They all do,
>>>> after all, share the same components; integration work is where it all
>>>> counts.
>>>> So, thumbs up to the KDE team, the Kubuntu team, and the GParted
>>>> maintainer/s. At this pace, the domination of GNU/Linux on the desktop
>>>> too seems only like a matter of time.
>>> You are not the only one in love with it... :-P
>> Neither are you :-)
>> I am defiantly turning back to KDE.
>> Thanks, Miguel de Icaza, for making the choice so easy :-p
> In my case, it had nothing to do with him. I was using a "pure Gnome" if you
> know what I mean. I was just sick and tired of reading some of those
> negative reviews about how much KDE sucked and one morning I though to
> myself "Hell, why not give it a shot myself and take my own conclusions" I
> did, and I don't regret installing it, it's fast, sharp and eye catching...
> the apps integrate so well with each other that I can't find words to
> describe how I fell about this, it has apps for everything... it's KDE...
> enough said :-P
> Today after about a week of using it I removed all the Gnome depends and I
> am now stuck with a Pure KDE install.
> Loving it since the first day I installed it... I've been 2+ year Gnome user
> btw...

GNOME 3.0 might come up with something revolutionary that's not tied to Mono. Competition can 
only improve the Free desktop.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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