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Re: CentOS ?

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____/ RonB on Tuesday 08 Sep 2009 18:32 : \____

> Steve wrote:
>> Hi;
>> A friend of mine just started graduate school for computer animation.
>> She was IMing me this weekend from a computer lab that consisted
>> entirely of Macs and Linux boxes ( no windows at all ).  I asked her
>> what kind of linux they were running.   After googling around for some
>> makeshift ways of finding that out ( Linux doesn't have a standard
>> command for it, apparently ) we figured out her lab was running on
>> CentOS.
>> Why would a college network be running on that?
>> What are the go to reasons for using this distro as opposed to
>> another?
> CentOS is a Red Hat "rebuild." It's what I use -- but it isn't as
> popular for desktop computers as Ubuntu (for example) because it's
> considered "trailing edge."

It probably depends on the desktop. RHEL is very popular among businesses that 
do some uniform work like movie studios (platform for proprietary and very 
expensive editing apps), post offices, terminals, etc.

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