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Re: [News] MAFIAA Wants Everyone to Pay for Intellectual Monopolies Violations

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 08 Sep 2009 22:15 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Music industry calls for filesharing tax
> And how do the MAFIAAÂ propose to fairly distribute this state aid?
> What proportion of this state aid does Radiohead get? How much does Take
> That get? How much goes to UK film producers like Michael Kuhn?
> How do they propose to calculate the exact proportion of whose "IP" gets
> what compensation based on inexplicit and unaccountable sharing stats,
> if and where available?
> Sounds like a lottery to me, or more accurately - a numbers racket run
> by gangsters.
> And since everyone will be indiscriminately victimised by this tax, does
> this mean those who do /not/ currently share will be encouraged to do
> so, by way of a government campaign explaining our new, tax-paid rights
> to share all content. Fair's fair, after all. Those non-"pirates" are
> entitled to get what they pay for, right along with all the ex-"pirates"
> who are now legitimate, tax-paying sharers.
> If all 70 Million (est.) UK citizens were to actually exercise their new
> tax-paid "rights", I think you'd find the MAFIAAÂ would be in a much
> worse position than they are currently, even with a fairly hefty tax.
> And if this proposal should be extended worldwide, frankly I think the
> MAFIAAÂ would go bankrupt overnight.
> Bring it on.

Is the BPI also merely a front for British labels? Or it is a 'localised' legion 
of the Big Media in the west (Warner, Sony, Universal, etc)?

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