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[News] GNU/Linux Simply Simpler Than Windows

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Multimedia codecs on Windows vs. Linux - which one is harder?

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't let your habits slow you down. Open your mind. Most importantly, do 
| not use ignorance as a weapon to trash unfamiliar knowledge. Linux is 
| definitely hard. I will never dispute that. But it's no more or less 
| difficult than Windows. As it happens, Windows was there first to set the 
| visual rules how things out to be.
| I hope my codecs example has helped some of you realize that we should 
| never settle and compromise or hide behind our fear when it comes to 
| software. Computers and their programs are just tools, meant to serve us, 
| not the other way around.
| Windows, Linux, it does not matter. Forget what you know. Shed your 
| filthy habits away and become a toddler, learning the world anew. Without 
| preconceptions, without social pressure and without the monkey effect 
| dragging you down. Become a child, become a sponge and just suck all that 
| new, exciting knowledge in.
| Forget the Start button in the left bottom corner, forget the old ways. 
| With the slate clean, learning Linux will be the same as Windows, 
| probably more fun. Remember how you used to get angry and frustrated when 
| you tried Windows 95 for the first time and nothing was really how you 
| expected it to be?
| Luckily, you have me and my tutorials to make the effort as pleasant as 
| it can get.


Installing Software: Tux VS. Bill Gates

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the many tired myths about Linux is that itâs very difficult to 
| install software. Many argue why should they type in a command instead of 
| can just clicking next, next, check a box, next, and one more next? 
| However Windows isnât really as clear cut as they try to make it sound to 
| be. Last year, an E-mail sent by Bill Gates to some Microsofties was 
| leaked. Bill detailed his frustrating experience in downloading and 
| installing Windows Movie Maker. While Billâs experience is extreme, it 
| illustrates that typing a command isnât so bad after all. Most modern 
| Linux distros have graphical interfaces to install software anyways.


Hey, check out my package!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux package managers do all of that dependency checking for you 
| automatically and will install the required programs at the same time as 
| they install the program you specified. Additionally, when you remove 
| that program, the package managers will also remove the dependent 
| programs which are no longer needed. Which windows doesn't do. This makes 
| for a cleaner running operating system and reduces the chances of things 
| going bump in the night. 



Why do Windows programs suck so freaking much? (and what can they learn from

,----[ Quote ]
| Look, I'm sorry, but it has to be said. Open Task Manager on any Windows
| computer and chances are there are a hundred processes even if you're just
| sitting idly on the desktop. What's with the obsession to constantly make
| crap run on startup? Let's look at some common offenders and how to cut them
| down to size.
| [...]
| Consider the best update system for any operating system around â the one
| used by Linux. Yes, hereâs my Linux blast: almost every single application
| for Linux can be updated using the one and the same package management tool.
| This includes the core kernel updates themselves through to the most obscure
| and tiniest of applications.
| There is no need for a gazillion software updaters by different vendors which
| all work in different ways, at different times. Instead, the Linux
| repositories allow you to keep every piece of code on your system up-to-date
| with the one single action. Itâs clean, itâs understandable and itâs
| consistent.

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