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[News] Patent Troll Ray Niro Attacks Free Speech, Sues Everyone

  • Subject: [News] Patent Troll Ray Niro Attacks Free Speech, Sues Everyone
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 06:52:52 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Trial to Begin in Suit Against Cisco, Patent Troll Tracker Blogger

,----[ Quote ]
| Legal bloggers writing about intellectual property matters are sure to take note of a 
| trial set to start Monday in Tyler, Texas. It pits East Texas intellectual property 
| litigator Eric Albritton against Silicon Valley tech company Cisco Systems Inc.
| Albritton alleges in his June 16, 2008, federal court complaint that Richard Frenkel, a 
| one-time in-house lawyer at Cisco, defamed him in anonymous postings on Frenkel's Patent 
| Troll Tracker blog in October 2007.
| In March 2008, after Frenkel outed himself as the Patent Troll Tracker blogger, 
| Albritton filed the defamation suit against Cisco, Frenkel, another Cisco in-house 
| lawyer and a corporate spokesman. 



Infamous Niro JPEG Patent Smacked Down Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Lawyer Raymond Niro, for whom the term "patent troll" was apparently first
| coined, has been known to use the fact that he represents a company called
| Global Patent Holdings (GPH) to his advantage. GPH owns patent 5,253,341, but
| looking at it there won't do much good. You see, Niro and others claimed that
| the patent covered pretty much anyone running a web server, leading to quite
| a few legal battles, including one against a guy, Greg Aharonian, who called
| it a "bad patent." For claiming that, he got sued for patent infringement. In
| fighting the patent, it was re-examined, and all 16 of its claims were
| rejected... but a 17th claim was added and allowed to stand.



Troll Tracker blogger Rick Frenkel moves to Wilson Sonsini

,----[ Quote ]
| Frenkel-2 Former Patent Troll Tracker blogger Rick Frenkel has left Cisco
| Systems and moved to Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a top Silicon Valley
| law firm, where he is of counsel. Today is his first day at the firm.
| "We were impressed with his breadth and depth of experience," said Michael
| Barclay, an IP litigation partner at Wilson Sonsini and a PTT reader,
| natch. "Rick has developed a lot of knowledge and insights about patent
| trolls that will be helpful to our clients who have to deal with them."


Blogger, Revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| Live by anonymity, die by anonymity.
| Yes, I have been unmasked. It happened quite the way this blog happened - I
| got an anonymous email, from the guy who probably collected the bounty,
| telling me I better tell everyone who I am (and he clearly knew), or else he
| would take care of it for me. The clear threat in the email is that he would
| do it in a way I wouldn't be happy about. I don't know what that means, but
| as I have been growing weary of anonymity anyway, here I am.
| [...]
| Someone may have made $15,000 or so from a bounty posted by Ray Niro on this
| one - not sure I'll ever find out who or how. I don't actually even care.


Boca Resort Opens New Front in Assault on Global Patent Holdings'
JPEG-on-a-Website Patent

,----[ Quote ]
| Ray Niro emailed me yesterday, complaining about the personal attacks being
| made on him in Slashdot.
| [...]
| He also tells me he now definitely knows who I am. I'm waiting for
| confirmation, since he didn't tell me my name. Then we'll see. According to
| him, one of my "friends" turned me in for the cash. Thanks, whoever you are,
| if true.
| Meanwhile, I might as well get rid of a couple of posts I have saved, and was
| planning to post next week, when I'm not going to be able to post for various
| reasons. You know, go out with a bang, so to speak!


JPEG Patent's Single Claim Rejected (And Smacked Down For Good Measure)

,----[ Quote ]
| The patent had been used, repeatedly, by lawyer Ray Niro, against a wide
| range of opponents, including a patent system critic. The end result was a
| drawn out review process where all of the original claims were rejected, but
| a single new claim was added to the patent, which Niro insisted covered JPEGs
| on a website.


Admitted Patent Troll Finds The Phrase 'Shell Entity' Offensive

,----[ Quote ]
| However, it looks like some patent attorneys are trying to go even further
| with that concept. Ray Niro, in defending Scott Harris (who, you may recall,
| licensed his own patents to be used in lawsuits against his own firms'
| clients), is demanding that the phrase "shell entities" not be used either,
| claiming that they, too, are used negatively.

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