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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Attempt to Harm FOSS from the Inside Worse Than Ever

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Microsoft's Attempt to Harm FOSS from the Inside Worse Than Ever
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 22:09:50 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Does Microsoft Have an Open Source Strategy Any More?

,----[ Quote ]
| Whenever I write about Microsoft here I usually get a few comments asking 
| me, with varying degrees of politeness, why I am wasting electrons on this 
| subject on a site devoted to GNU/Linux. The reason I do this â and why I am 
| about to do it again â is that whether we like it or not, Microsoft remains 
| probably the single most important external factor in the free software 
| world. It's useful, therefore, to try to understand what exactly the 
| company's open source strategy is, in order to head off some of its worst 
| aspects, and to build on any positive elements. The trouble is, I don't 
| think Microsoft has an open source strategy any more.
| [...]
| Rather, it seems to me that the centrifugal forces within the company have 
| finally overcome that lone centripetal force of Sam Ramji, with all those 
| âengineering and business leaders across the companyâ adopting widely 
| differing, and at times contradictory, attitudes and actions with regard to 
| open source. Without Ramji, I think the situation is going to get even 
| worse; what about you?


The Potemkim Village Experiment 2: Electric Boogaloo

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a business organization, not a non-profit organization
| Just in case you might have thought otherwise. Iâm sure there is absolutely 
| no intent to decieve by calling it a âFoundationâ and having â.orgâ in the 
| domain name.
| Here is the explanation on the website:
|     While the Codeplex Foundation may eventually evolve into a charitable 
|     non-profit, the requirements for a charitable non-profit are more 
|     stringent. The set-up time for such an organization would have been 
|     longer, and the planning process considerably more complex.
| I bet the requirements are âmore stringentâ. Thatâs exactly what we need, 
| and Microsoft doesnât want. Stringent requirements.
| And I love how âset-up timeâ is an excuse, like non-profits arenât started 
| everyday by two dudes trying to help the world, and Microsoft with itâs army 
| of lawyers and billions of dollars just canât quite get a handle on the 
| process.


The Curious Case of the OIN Patent Coup

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's time for Microsoft to stop secretly attacking Linux while publicly 
| claiming to want interoperability," Zemlin wrote. "Let's hope that Microsoft 
| decides going forward to actually try to win in the marketplace, rather than 
| continuing to distract and annoy us with their tricky patent schemes."



Codeplex Foundation â Microsoft loves FOSS?

,----[ Quote ]
| In the meantime Microsoft is looking for a new open source person to
| fill the space left by Mr Ramji.
| My money is on Mr De Icazza â he has sure earned it (IMO).


A look at the CodePlex Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| âMisunderstandings on both sidesâ? Could that have anything at all to do
| with the decade of misinformation and FUD Microsoft has directly and
| indirectly funded, including the Best Buy disinformation campaign
| running at this very moment?
| The chutzpah it must have taken for the author to actually type out that
| sentence, knowing full well that his own employer is the overwhelmingly
| largest single engine of misinformation, lies and destruction aimed at
| the Open Source community! You almost have to admire a man you can look
| you right in the eye and lie, knowing that you know that he knows that
| you know he is lying!
| And there we have the fatal flaw of the CodePlex Foundation revealed:
| because it is a Microsoft mouthpiece, it can not speak directly and
| honestly about the single biggest challenge Free and Open Source
| Software faces - the aggressive hostility and lies spread about it by
| Microsoft.
| [...]
| The amazing thing is some people believe it! I guess some people fall
| for Nigerian scams, order Vigara from links in random email, and
| franticially dial 1-800 numbers during infomercials so they can get the


Miguel joins Microsoft board, slams FSF


Microsoft launches open source foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| The foundation is initially being funded by Microsoft and will be led by
| Microsoft's Sam Ramji (**UPDATED** Ramji is leaving Microsoft on
| September 25th) . Novell's  Miguel de Icaza will be part of the new
| foundation's Board of Directors (don't forget Microsoft and Novell have
| an interop and patent deal).
| So why does Microsoft need its own open source foundation? And what's
| the difference vs what they are doing with Codeplex.com anyways?
| [...]
| I understand that CodePlex has its own ecosystem, but I would have
| expected the path to commercialization might have been better served
| through Microsoft itself rather than some shell open source foundation.


New Microsoft-backed open source foundation faces questions


If Microsoft really wants to be friends with Linux...

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has created a new foundation, the CodePlex Foundation which
| claims to be about bringing open-source and proprietary software
| companies together to participate side by side in open-source projects.
| Yeah. Right.
| [...]
| Besides, just like the snake in the story, Microsoft is more than happy
| to poison open-source software even as it proclaims that it wants to co-
| operate with open source. Just off the top of my head there's the
| revelation that Microsoft's ExpertZone training for Best Buy and other
| retailers is stuffed with anti-Linux lies.
| And, then there's Microsoft's patent attacks on open-source using
| companies like TomTom and its thwarted efforts to sell anti-Linux
| patents to a patent troll. According to Jim Zemlin, executive director
| of the Linux Foundation, "The details are that Microsoft assembled a
| package of patents 'relating to open source' and put them up for sale to
| patent trolls. Microsoft thought they were selling them to AST, a group
| that buys patents, offers licenses to its members, and then resells the
| patents." What actually happened was that Microsoft ended up selling the
| patents to the Open Invention Network, a pro-Linux intellectual-property
| organization.


Microsoft and Patent Trolls


Microsoft Launches Open Source Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| Other interim board members of the new foundation are primarily from
| Microsoft, at this point. They include Bill Staples, head of
| Microsoftâs Internet Information Services team; Stephanie Boesch, a
| Microsoft Program Manager for the .Net Framework; Miguel de Icaza, Vice
| President of Developer Platform at Novell; Britt Johnston, a Microsoft
| Product Unit Manager for Data and Modeling; and Shaun Walker, Co-
| founder and Chief Architect of DotNetNuke.

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