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[News] "The average user LOVES Linux!"

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Reflections on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Additional to this website (which is by no means a successful 
| venture, but costs me nothing to support), I run a small computer 
| business out of Casa Grande, Arizona. After dealing with dozens of 
| clients with their own individual needs and wants, I have come to 
| one conclusion regarding the Linux operating system. The average 
| user LOVES Linux! 


One more Linux user, one less Windows support headache

,----[ Quote ]
| Not everyone is going to be as receptive to Linux as my Aunt Jean 
| was; on the contrary, I think where Jean saw lots of opportunity 
| for a new way of doing things, most people react with âOMG THIS IS 
| DIFFERENT! PUT WINDOWS BACK!â, and thatâs to be expected. But I 
| think the important thing is to stick to your guns, and keep to 
| that bargain. Youâll find that in doing so, those technically 
| challenged friends and relatives will either be easily-supported 
| converts, or will no longer bother you with Windows problems that 
| need to be constantly untangled.


Is there an easy way to adapt to Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| So why is Linux different? It needed to be. The Windows way of 
| computing is proprietary. Meaning that it can't be replicated or 
| improved upon unless it is done by Microsoft. Microsoft decides 
| what features the users get, they decide how you are to use your 
| computer and they decide when to stop supporting their purchased 
| products, the latter also decides when you buy a new computer. 
| Because of all these restrictions, users are trapped into having to 
| adopt other similarly restrictive products. Since this business 
| model is copyrighted, it can't be modified, so a new way had to 
| emerge.



I Love Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm writing this post from my little EEE PC on a tiny table in my bedroom - 
| the only room in the house with any furniture. As you can see in the photo, 
| we are doing a little Home Improvement - new flooring. In the meantime, our 
| world is total chaos. Iâve re-discovered my biceps - mostly because they are 
| sore from moving all our stuff out of the house - and Iâve re-discovered my 
| love of Linux.     

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