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Re: [News] [Rival] Australia May Cut Windows PCs with Malware off the Internet

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____/ Wintrolls Lie on Wednesday 16 Sep 2009 00:12 : \____

> William Poaster wrote:
>> Back in 2004, Gates, predicted a spam-free world by 2006. Gates went out
>> on a limb and professed that, in just two year's time, spam would be a
>> solved problem. Sure enough, in 2009 not only is that *not* the case, but
>> Gates' forecast was so far off, that it actually managed to describe the
>> *complete opposite situation* at the end of 2007.
>> As you say, M$ have had ten years or more to fix their crapware, but just
>> seem incapable of doing it.
> Gates has never been too good in his predictions. The Internet was
> another he got completely wrong. 90% or more of emails today being spam
> sent from Windows PCs is enough reason IMHO for ISPs to block any
> connections from Windows PCs.
> As for Gates, he did say this:
> "The obvious mathematical breakthrough would be the development of an
> easy way to factor large prime numbers"
> :-)

Other nations will hopefully follow Australia on this one (not the
censorship policy though)

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