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[News] SELinux Shows Sandbox -X

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Cool things with SELinux... Introducing sandbox -X

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the downsides of working in security is that we 
| seldom get to do cool things.  The desktop engineers, VM 
| engineers, even kernel engineers get to  show off cool 
| stuff.  But security guys usually only ever get to show 
| how we  broke something, if that.  Sometimes all we can do 
| is say "trust us, it's working." But I think I have 
| something cool to show off which I'm calling  sandbox -X.



Secure Virtualization Using SELinux (sVirt)

,----[ Quote ]
| Next week I will be at the Red Hat Summit talking about SELinux, specifically
| sVirt,  Secure Virtualization.


SELinux and Security changes in the 2.6.27 Kernel

,----[ Quote ]
| # SELinux deferred mapping of filesystem contexts
| This patch by Stephen Smalley addresses the case where "alien" SELinux
| security labels need to be written to the local filesystem, for example, in
| the case of building RPMs where the local policy is different to the policy
| on the system where the RPM is to be installed. This will help with enabling
| SELinux on build systems (e.g. in the Fedora infrastructure) and more
| generally with packagers and ISVs shipping third party policy with RPMS.


Big Thanks To The SELinux Team

,----[ Quote ]
| I started using Fedora back in the Fedora 8 days.  Iâve always tried to run
| SELinux in enforcing mode and back in the Fedora 8-9 days that seemed to mean
| Iâd have some SELinux issue every few days.  It wasnât a big deal, but it was
| annoying and very tempting to turn it off completely.


LinuxWorld preview: IBM engineer touts SELinux

,----[ Quote ]
| As SELinux adoption grows, therefore, the research-and-development challenge
| is to make it more user-friendly. "As we find issues, we'll fix them,"
| Shanker said. "We have to make it easier for the regular person to use. Once
| they learn it, they love it."


Ubuntu gets SELinux

,----[ Quote ]
| It's official: SELinux is now available in the Ubuntu development ("Hardy
| Heron") distribution. "This is the result of the amazing work of the
| ubuntu-security and ubuntu-hardened teams, as well as the huge contributions
| from the folks at Tresys. (note: SELinux will not be the default, but is
| available as a security option.)" Installing it is a simple apt operation.    

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