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[News] Irish Government Pushed Towards Free Software, Denmark Looks Into it

  • Subject: [News] Irish Government Pushed Towards Free Software, Denmark Looks Into it
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 23:41:33 +0100
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Open Letter to the Irish Government on Open Source Driven Innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| âRecent years show that openness and collaboration is 
| essential to the generation of innovation in the 
| software sector. Technology increasingly means software. 
| In Ireland, we can see that the production of hardware 
| technology in many, but not all, cases is providing ever 
| diminishing returns. Here we outline some key policy 
| recommendations that are crucial to the fulfilling the 
| vision of making the Irish Smart Economy a reality for 
| the software industry through the adoption and 
| encouragement of Open Source technologies.â
| The above extract is from a paper we have produced for 
| the Innovation Taskforce is requesting submissions by 
| the Department of Taoiseach. 


DK: Competition authority wants EC's take on office market competition  

,----[ Quote ]
| The Danish Competition Authority wants to discuss with 
| the European Commission how to enhance competition in 
| the market for office software. It thinks the Danish 
| public sector is too small to do this by itself.
| An appointment with the Commission has not yet been 
| made. "We have awaited the translation of the report", 
| says Michael Fibiger, chief special advisor to the 
| Danish Competition Authority.



Marketplace for minds and ideas

,----[ Quote ]
| Explaining this is not easy. The ideagora originated in open source computing
| and projects such as Linux, the server operating system. This well-known
| public collaboration resulted in a computer operating system to challenge
| that of the dominant Microsoft.
| But here Tapscott and Wilson's book reveals an ingredient little known to
| non-professional watchers of Linux.
| Computer giant and Microsoft competitor IBM expended huge resources
| supporting Linux development, to the tune of around â1.4 billion by the end
| of 2001. What appears the perfect case study of public collaboration looks
| significantly different on closer inspection.
| Nonetheless, the values of the open source movement - self-organising
| communities that reward contributors with enhanced reputation rather than
| cash - appear to have a strong future in the wider transformation of
| business, in the shape of the ideagora.


Northern Ireland plugs open source hybrid

,----[ Quote ]
| COUNCILS across Northern Ireland are being encouraged to join a co-operative
| software movement that has stood in defiance of the occupation of government
| computer departments by multinational suppliers in big-ticket deals.
| The Northern Ireland Department of the Environment has advised the country's
| 26 councils to join the Local Authority Content Management System (LA CRM)
| partnership, which develops its system collaboratively with councils across
| the UK under the lead of Belfast City Council.

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