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[News] Patent Harasser Attacks Innovation, Critics in Court

  • Subject: [News] Patent Harasser Attacks Innovation, Critics in Court
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 00:09:52 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Westwood-based video game maker named in patent infringement suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Turbine Inc. of Westwood, a leading maker of Internet-
| based, multiplayer video games, has been named in a 
| patent infringement lawsuit that targets several of the 
| worldâs largest online gaming firms.
| The complaint was filed by Paltalk Holdings Inc. of 
| Jericho, N.Y., in the US District Court in Marshall, 
| Texas, one of the nationâs most popular venues for 
| patent lawsuits. âThe eastern district of Texas is 
| considered a plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction,ââ said 
| Christopher Donnelly, a partner at Donnelly Conroy & 
| Gelhaar LLP in Boston.


Rick Frenkel takes the stand in Troll Tracker defamation lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| Former patent blogger Rick Frenkel took the stand in the 
| federal courthouse in Tyler, Texas, on Wednesday, and 
| apologized for referring to the Eastern District of 
| Texas as a "Banana Republic" in a post he published as 
| the "Patent Troll Tracker." But Frenkel insisted his 
| blogging about a patent infringement suit against his 
| then-employer, Cisco Systems, was not defamatory.
| "You know, I think I was outraged over a situation ... 
| and I used words that were strong," said Frenkel. "But I 
| sure didn't mean to hurt anyone by it." Frenkel 
| apologized for using the phrase, and noted that he took 
| it off the blog after 24 hours. In October of 2007, 
| about 500 people per day were accessing the Troll 
| Tracker blog, he added.



Careful What You Ask For: China's Patent System Causing Trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| All those foreign nations who kept pushing China to build up its own patent
| system and learn to "respect intellectual property" may soon be regretting
| that, as they're suddenly blocked out of the Chinese market by Chinese firms
| who fast-tracked cheap utility patents themselves with little to no review.
| Be careful what you wish for.



Beijing ruling shows why foreign companies need a patent strategy for China

,----[ Quote ]
| When France's Schneider Electric faced a patent battle in a Chinese court
| recently it had reason to feel confident. It thought it had a solid prior art
| case for invalidating the patent being used against it by Chinese firm Chint,
| and foreign companies win 95% of patent cases in the Chinese courts.


Strange patent filed in China: Method to boot Linux OS from mobile harddisk

,----[ Quote ]
| This is not the first time I heard about strange patents filed in China.
| [...]
| âThis invention is about the method to boot Linux OS on removable storage
| which is attached to the USB port of PC. It is implemented in a way that
| firstly, setup Linux OS in the removable storage; then enter BIOS of the PC,
| to change the boot sequence to USB-HDD or USB-ZIP first; now boot the system,
| so user can choose the Linux version, and Linux kernel with initrd will be
| loaded by bootloader from the removable storage to PC memory; then boot the
| Linux kernel, initialize system and run tasks; mount filesystem of initrd,
| then switch to root filesystem on the removable storage; detect hardware
| devices, install drivers and configure them automatically; finally, start the
| desktop session, after user has input the username and password, detect
| hardware partitions automatically and mount them.â          

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