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Re: [News] [Rival] Bill Gates Uses 'Foundation' to Give Africa to US Corporation?

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____/ Homer on Sunday 20 Sep 2009 23:36 : \____

> Gates is building a second empire, disguised as philanthropy, to replace
> his software empire, because he smells smoke, and realises it's destined
> to go up in flames. This second empire is even more sinister, because it
> infiltrates areas of society that go way beyond computing. Essentially -
> Gates is laundering his Microsoft racketeering money through a "charity"
> that's more like a cross between a political party, a global corporation
> and a small country, to build his own private superpower. The Department
> of State now has a new ally in the war against Unamericanism. Why should
> the US waste 3 trillion USD invading a foreign country, when their Gates
> Foundry can do it for them for a fraction of the cost, and subtly enough
> that no one even raises an eyebrow, much less engages in protests?

Media indoctrination from the business press shuts people's eyes. To be fair, not
only Gates does this.

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