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[News] Business Around FOSS Expands - Heaps of New Evidence

  • Subject: [News] Business Around FOSS Expands - Heaps of New Evidence
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 08:56:03 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Sourcesense and Go2Group Announce New Partnership on Innovative Open Source Solutions and Services

,----[ Quote ]
| Sourcesense, the European provider of open source solutions 
| and The Go To Group, Inc. (Go2Group), a leader in the field 
| of Software Production Line Automation (SPLA), today 
| announced a broad technological partnership to extend 
| middleware alternatives into the software development 
| environment. With the combination of Sourcesense's open 
| source expertise and Go2Group's best-practice services, the 
| partnership aims to bring the power and value of open source 
| solutions to customers looking for an option to today's 
| traditional enterprise solutions.


Treading on the toes of open source

,----[ Quote ]
| And I added a quote from a very respected source, Freeform 
| Dynamics director Dale Vile: âThe fanatics and evangelists 
| that push Linux in your face as the answer to everything 
| actually put normal IT professionals off considering itâ.


Veda Informatics Launches Open-Source-Developers.com

,----[ Quote ]
| Veda Informatics have launched open-source-developers.com, 
| to offer website development services using open source 
| technologies. It is to be focused on the needs of 
| individuals and small businesses.


Rapid-I supports first Open Source Golf Masters

,----[ Quote ]
| The American database manufacturer Ingres was therefore well 
| aware when it chose a golf tournament with the aim of 
| bringing decision-makers and senior management from IT and 
| business together in a relaxed atmosphere near the Main 
| metropolis of Frankfurt. The managing director of Ingres 
| Germany, Bertram Mandel, said in the business news of 
| finanzinform.de: âOpen source left the stage of experimental 
| student life a long time ago. Open source software has 
| arrived in the companyâ 


Restructuring at Open Source Data Mining Spezialist Rapid-I


Who Is Using Open Source Business Intelligence, and Why

,----[ Quote ]
| Ann All spoke with Mark Madsen, founder and president of 
| Third Nature, a research and consulting company specializing 
| in business intelligence and information delivery and the 
| technology infrastructure required to support them. He 
| authored a recent study of open source adoption in the 
| business intelligence and data warehousing markets.


Oracle, SAP projects present opportunity for open source middleware vendors

,----[ Quote ]
| There's still time to insert open source into an SAP and 
| Oracle projects. Go forth and prosper! Or at least use the 
| open source product for better overall prices from SAP and 
| Oracle.


Open Source Development in India: Success of Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software like Magento, Joomla, ZenCart, Drupal, 
| Elgg, phpBB, Typo3, Wordpress, osCommerce, Mambo, X-cart, 
| OpenPHPNuke and Sugar CRM are established to develop a 
| complete E-commerce website development.


Open Source CRM Customers Can Now Use Jigsaw Applications to Create Revenue

,----[ Quote ]
| Jigsaw, a Data as a Service, or âDaaS,â systems provider, 
| has launched a new developer program for companies, such as 
| open source CRM software provider, SugarCRM, to integrate 
| Jigsaw products to benefit both companies and their 
| customers.


Nuxeo, OpenLogic Unite for Top-to-Bottom Support of Open Source ECM

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source Enterprise CMS vendor Nuxeo (news, site) is 
| trying to make it easier for anyone interested in using its 
| technology stack to bring those dreams to reality â from top 
| to bottom.


Open Source Framework USA

,----[ Quote ]
| A content management system provides the foundation for an 
| easy to maintain a website. A key factor in deciding which 
| CMS to use should be the customization factor. When I say 
| customization factor, I mean the how difficult it is to 
| develop custom functionality particular to your project. 
| Some CMS systems make this easy while others present more of 
| a challenge.


Veda Informatics Launches Open Source Developers Website

,----[ Quote ]
| Veda Informatics, a fast-growing internet visibility 
| optimization company, has launched http://www.open-source-
| developers.com , offering website development services 
| focused on the needs of individuals and small businesses. 
| Start-ups and small businesses are typically tight on funds, 
| but cannot forgo having a web presence.

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