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[News] European Union Releases Guide to Increase Free Software Adoption

  • Subject: [News] European Union Releases Guide to Increase Free Software Adoption
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 09:04:07 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The Small/Medium Enterprise guide to Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| The fourth edition of a guide to help small and medium sized 
| enterprises (SMEs) to adopt Open Source software has been 
| published. This guide (developed in the context of the 
| FLOSSMETRICS and OpenTTT projects) present a set of 
| guidelines and suggestions for the adoption of open source 
| software within SMEs, using a ladder model that will guide 
| companies from the initial selection and adoption of FLOSS 
| within the IT infrastructure up to the creation of suitable 
| business models based on open source software. 


How to avoid the benefits of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)

,----[ Quote ]
| There are companies such as Sun/Oracle, RedHat and Canonical 
| that provide commercial support for specific bundles of 
| software. RedHat offers commercial support for what they 
| call RedHat Enterprise Linux which is a bundle of software 
| they have put together that forms a complete operating 
| system. Canonical does the same with their own distribution 
| of Linux, and has a support center in Montreal.



Playing to Win in the New Software Market

,----[ Quote ]
| Just over six months ago, I analysed a leaked early version
| of this, which was fascinating for the insight it gave into
| the manoeuvring going on by the different factions within
| that group. For alongside obvious supporters of free
| software, like the FSFE, there was also that well-known
| friend of Microsoft, the Association for Competitive
| Technology, and one of the biggest chums of software
| patents in Europe, SAP.


European Software Strategy industry paper

,----[ Quote ]
| The Commission of the European Union has published the final report on the
| European Software Strategy. It is a document drafted by several industry
| stakeholders, ironically most of them do not represent European companies. The
| preparatory documents are also published. The leakage of draft documents by an
| American SME representative causes great confusion. The editing policy did
| follow the same practice as the ICT Taskforce paper.


EU open-source document reflects Microsoft influence

,----[ Quote ]
| One such editor is Jonathan Zuck, president of the Association for
| Competitive Technology, a lobbying organization with strong ties to
| Microsoft. There is nothing wrong with Microsoft making its voice heard in
| the software strategy development process, as it stands to gain or lose much
| in the process, but it does make for some interesting political gamesmanship
| in the document.
| While the draft doesn't make it obvious who is saying what, there are
| numerous instances where editors have tried to soften the appeal of open
| source or downplay its significance, repeatedly trying to insist that open
| source not be called out as more significant than proprietary software.


How to Hijack an EU Open Source Strategy Paper

,----[ Quote ]
| Others as in Microsoft and mates.
| All-in-all, the modifications to the document provide a fascinating insight
| into how lobbyists operate in their attempt to neuter threats to their
| constituencies through the shameless evisceration and outright inversion of
| content. Fortunately, when the final strategy document comes out, we will be
| able to pinpoint exactly where ACT's agenda has been inserted. Of course,
| before then we need to make the above document as widely known as possible,
| so that the relevant people at the European Union are aware of what's going
| on, and maybe even take action to prevent this gross distortion of the
| paper's purpose.
| In addition, we must ensure that Wikileaks can continue to provide its
| invaluable service. The world of openness â including open source - would be
| the poorer without it. To that end, we need to support its current call for
| funds to help it carry on its work, and I urge you to make a donation,
| however modest.


European Commission OSS Strategy Draft, Mar 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| This file is an edited version of the EU OSS Strategy draft with the input of
| Jonathan Zuck, President of the Association for Competitive Technology, an
| organisation that has strong ties with Microsoft[1]
| The file is a draft for an expert panel formed by the European Commission.
| This panel is divided into workgroup (IPR, Open Source, digital life, etc.)
| ACT and Comptia have been infiltrating every workgroup, even the one on Open
| Source (WG 7). They are doing the best they can to drown any initiative that
| would not only promote OSS in Europe but also that could help Europe create a
| sucessful European software sector.
| The audience for this document could be journalists who would be interested
| in getting to know more how lobbies of all kind influence the European
| institutions. Here it is perhaps even more stringent as ACT is clearly an US
| organization with ties to Microsoft. Verifications might not be easy as this
| is an internal draft. The best contact might be commission personnel:
| Lars.PEDERSEN@xxxxxxxxxxxx ; Michel.Lacroix@xxxxxxxxxxxx
| It has been leaked as it is important to have the public know how actual
| policy making is being influenced by lobbies that are precisely under the
| legal scrutiny of the European Commission. The urgency of the publication of
| this document is real in the sense that outside pressure would foce the
| Commission to "clean the committees" or at least give a lesser credit to the
| work of this workgroup.

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