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[News] Review of Haiku alpha

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Haiku alpha: Wow. Just wow.

,----[ Quote ]
| For alpha release software, this is a very promising show. I 
| like almost everything about this â the size of the 
| installation, the desktop look, the clean way the system 
| applications and desktop widgets handle themselves. If I can 
| track down why the network was inaccessible I definitely plan 
| on reinstalling it and giving it another whirl.



Hands-on: Haiku, the future of BeOS, is pure poetry

,----[ Quote ]
| In the spirit of BeOS, Haiku's boot performance is very
| good. In my tests, I got from the startup splash screen
| to a fully usable desktop in roughly four seconds. This
| is one of Haiku's strengths relative to modern
| operating systems and it is the envy of prominent Linux
| distributions that are ambitiously aiming for similarly
| fast startup.


Haiku OS Beta 1: Simple Is Beautiful

,----[ Quote ]
| Two things about Haiku stand in stark contrast to Linux. The first is
| the licensing -- it's far more liberally licensed than Linux, and so
| lends itself to being shaped and implemented in far broader ways. The
| other is how Haiku is developed -- as a total desktop stack, rather
| than a kernel plus userland tools plus windowing system plus window
| manager, etc., etc. It's already made a great deal of difference in
| terms of the way the whole thing feels and works. It embodies
| elegance, even if some of the individual windowing/UI metaphors are a
| bit aged and could use some slicking-up.


Haiku Project Announces Availability of Haiku R1/Alpha 1

,----[ Quote ]
| This will help the Haiku development team identify and address bugs, and thus
| improve the quality of the system as development keeps advancing towards the
| subsequent development milestones. Bugs found in Alpha 1 should be reported to
| the Haiku bug tracking system at http://dev.haiku-os.org.

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