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[News] Richard Stallman Calls Miguel de Icaza a Traitor to the Free Software community

  • Subject: [News] Richard Stallman Calls Miguel de Icaza a Traitor to the Free Software community
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 18:18:51 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Software Freedom Day in Boston

,----[ Quote ]
| Miguel de Icaza âis basically a traitor to the Free 
| Software communityâ This was in response to my question 
| about the new Microsoft âOpen Sourceâ labs. He went on to 
| say that Miguelâs involvement in the project doesnât give 
| much confidence as he is a Microsoft apologist. The project 
| looks to be concerned with permitting âOpen Sourceâ 
| programs to work on the Windows platform and thus divert 
| valuable developer time away from free platforms such as 
| Gnu/Linux.
| Mono framework is not so much of a problem, but C# 
| shouldnât be used in core apps as legal problems would be 
| hard to work around. Recommends uninstalling any apps using 
| C#.


Speculations About Microsoft's Open Source CodePlex Foundation



Microsoft Launches Open Source Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| Other interim board members of the new foundation are primarily from
| Microsoft, at this point. They include Bill Staples, head of
| Microsoftâs Internet Information Services team; Stephanie Boesch, a
| Microsoft Program Manager for the .Net Framework; Miguel de Icaza, Vice
| President of Developer Platform at Novell; Britt Johnston, a Microsoft
| Product Unit Manager for Data and Modeling; and Shaun Walker, Co-
| founder and Chief Architect of DotNetNuke.


Mono and .NET

,----[ Quote ]
| MonoDevelop is going to be the âEclipse of the .NET communityâ, Mr. De
| Icaza tells us. Putting aside the obvious jokes, I think this is
| another good illustration of how the entire focus of Team Mono is â and
| must be â on conforming to .NET.
| Hereâs one of the highlights on the new MonoDevelop release:
| âMonoDevelop can be used to develop ASP.NET MVC applications on OSX and
| Linux and Silverlight applications on OSX and Linux.â
| Thatâs just what I was saying Linux needed the other day: more
| Silverlight applications. In fact, I was discussing how promoting
| Silverlight development in no way whatsoever helps Microsoft lock-in,
| and quite the contrary actually encourages the spread of software
| freedom under every definition known to mankind. Because it is
| Microsoft that is internationally recognized for leverging its
| considerable power to promote user freedom and interoperability through
| its file formats and development technologies we absolutely need more
| of that being produced in the Linux world, which tends to use
| proprietary and obscured formats and languages
| So MonoDevelop is a big win there. Congratulations.


MonoDevelop 2.2 Beta 1: We go cross platform.



Oh Miguel...

,----[ Quote ]
| I just hope it's a better kind of help than C#, OOXML, and a barely-working
| Silverlight clone. Unless you have some grand scheme for making software
| patents go away?
| Miguel, you're a smart person and I respect what you've done. But your
| current infatuation with All Things Microsoft is, frankly, scaring me and a
| lot of other people. I didn't switch to Linux so I could have Microsoft
| technologies in my face.


Above my Pay Grade: Miguel de Icaza and the Novell-Microsoft Agreement

,----[ Quote ]
| What's this about pay-grade? It's a military term, often misappropriated by
| civilians who are avoiding an ethical decision. It's a good excuse in the
| military: politicians are accountable for the decision to enter a war, while
| the military are oath-bound to follow orders at pain of court-martial and
| possibly execution, and are only accountable for the conduct of the war. But
| Miguel is no soldier. He's the founder of a company previously merged into
| Novell, and would not be subject to treason charges or capital punishment
| over this issue. Others, like Jeremy Allison, chose to leave the company
| while Miguel stayed.


The unholy quad: Miguel, Mono, Moonlight and Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Nevertheless, this Usenet conversation has some points of interest. It
| illustrates again the way in which de Icaza, who by all accounts is a man
| with a very high IQ, refuses to look down the line and draw reasonable
| conclusions.
| When asked "To what degree do you trust Microsoft, either in terms of their
| promises; their motivations; or their commitment to a competing platform like
| Linux?" he chooses to trivialise the question by responding "This is a
| question that is suitable for Teen magazine or Cosmo."


Miguel does a backflip on patent licensing deal

,----[ Quote ]
| I haven't laughed as loud and as long as I did this morning when I read that
| Miguel de Icaza has now started criticising the patent licensing deal which
| his employer Novell signed with Microsoft in November 2006.
| he Pope has turned Anglican. John McCain has become a Democrat. Fidel Castro
| has sworn off Communism.
| Whenever de Icaza does something, there is always a good reason. But like all
| people who flip through 180 degrees, de Icaza generally does not reveal such
| reasons.


,----[ Quote ]
| However, De Icaza is being disengenious. Consider this remark of his just 15
| months ago:
| http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2006/Nov-04.html
| "Why did you guys work this deal with Microsoft?
| Although I did not take part of the actual negotiations, and was only told
| about this deal less than a week before the announcement, I had been calling
| for a long time for a collaboration between Microsoft and Open Source and
| Microsoft and Novell.
| There are numerous interviews that touch on this topic and most recently my
| interview in Microsoft's Port25
| In the past I had called for this same kind of cooperation with other
| companies. "
| [...]
| So, the question arises: Why is De Icaza criticizing the "deal" now? What's
| changed? The terms of Icaza's employment? His salary? His VP status? His
| duties? GNOME's GPL status?
| It's time De Icaza comes clean.


,----[ Quote ]
| Scoble: "I saw that internally inside Microsoft many times when I was told to
| stay away from supporting Mono in public. They reserve the right to sue."


MIX - Novell's de Icaza criticizes Microsoft patent deal

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source pioneer and Novell Vice President Miguel de Icaza Thursday for
| the first time publicly slammed his company's cross-patent licensing
| agreement with Microsoft as he defended himself against lack of patent
| protection for third parties that distribute his company's Moonlight project,
| which ports Microsoft's Silverlight technology to Linux.
| Speaking on a panel at the MIX 08 conference in Las Vegas, de Icaza said that
| Novell has done the best it could to balance open-source interests with
| patent indemnification. However, if he had his way, the company would have
| remained strictly open source and not gotten into bed with Microsoft. Novell
| entered into a controversial multimillion dollar cross-patent licensing and
| interoperability deal with Microsoft in November 2006.
| "I'm not happy about the fact that such an agreement was made, but [the
| decision] was above my pay grade; I think we should have stayed with the
| open-source community," de Icaza said. He was speaking on a panel that also
| included representatives from Microsoft and open-source companies Mozilla and
| Zend.
| [...]
| De Icaza shot back that it was "unfair" of Schroepfer to paint Novell as the
| only company protected by patent covenants, as many companies have signed
| licensing agreements not only with Microsoft, but also with other companies
| such as IBM that have a large patent portfolio.
| [...]
| The choice has drawn ire from open-source diehards who were displeased with
| Novellâs decision to sign a cross-licensing agreement with Microsoft in the
| first place. A Web site called âBoycott Novellâ decried Moonlight as a
| Microsoft âpet projectâ and criticized the companyâs decision not to port
| Silverlight to Linux itself.

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