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[News] Reasons to Attract People to Ubuntu GNU/Linux: Popularity, Environment

  • Subject: [News] Reasons to Attract People to Ubuntu GNU/Linux: Popularity, Environment
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:03:45 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The need to Ubuntize people!

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, my conclusion here is that people is starting 
| to realize that there are other alternatives than just 
| sticking with one operating system, and that the best 
| thing of all is that they wonât have viruses. However, 
| they are really not aware that Linux exists. This 
| clearly shows that thereâs a huge market were Linux, 
| and specially Ubuntu, can kick in, becauseâ they are 
| paying companies for virus free solutions, such as Mac, 
| while they are not aware that this is not their only 
| solution.. From my point of viewâ most of these people 
| only uses their computers to edit documents, listen to 
| music, and browsing the Internetâ and this is something 
| that they could do with Ubuntuâ without a problem! So, 
| letâs start Ubuntizing people!!


Ubuntu OS can Save Energy

,----[ Quote ]
| The point I would like to drive home with this blog 
| post is that E-waste is a HUGE problem in our society. 
| And I would highly recommend anyone view a documentary 
| called "Manufactured Landscape" to learn more about 
| what I am talking about. We can all do simple things, 
| but please remember that when you throw electronics 
| away, that YOU are contributing to the decline of our 
| environment. Their are recycling centers everywhere 
| that will help recycle your old electronics and in some 
| cases re-use them as well.



True or False: E-Waste

,----[ Quote ]
| True or False: Switching from a Windows-operated computer to a Linux-operated
| one could slash computer-generated e-waste levels by 50%.
| The answer is: TRUE


Microsoft nears bottom of Greenpeace league table

,----[ Quote ]
| Environmental campaign organisation Greenpeace has published its latest study
| of the green credentials of electronics manufacturers, including makers of
| PCs and mobile phones, as well as Microsoft, which came near the bottom of
| Greenpeace's latest Guide to Greener Electronics.  


Vista gets slated - by the Greens

,----[ Quote ]
| The Green Party has slammed Microsoft and it's forthcoming operating
| system, Windows Vista, in a withering attack on the company's "monopoly".
| Microsoft not only takes criticism for allegedly environmentally
| unfriendly policies, but for attacking civil liberties.
| The party claims that "Vista gives Microsoft the ability to lock
| you out of your computer," and that "Microsoft are determined not
| to play fair" in the video content market.


Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


Microsoft 'Caves' To Intel

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